Sunday, October 17, 2021

Autumn Wildflowers Ottawa County Michigan

Bass River Recreation Area is the place I go to see Closed Bottle Gentian and Nodding Ladies Tresses, and many more summer / fall wildflowers.  We didn’t have much rain this summer so most of the small ponds were dried up.  I didn’t see as many gentian as some years.  Throughout August and September I visited Bass several times. I really like this place, you can wander anywhere you want.  It is not a "stay on trails" sort of place.


We also find the white variety of the Closed Gentian here.

And Nodding Ladies Tresses Orchid are tucked in all over the place at Bass!


There are tons of Cardinal flower here too.

         Monkey Flower


Fields of Joe Pye Weed








Sunshine, Sunny for short

My new Grandpuppy is with me two days a week.  She likes the water but doesn't stop to look at the flowers!  

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Autumn Coralroot Orchid Blooming in Ottawa County

 Autumn Coralroot Orchid - September 8 2021 - Ottawa County Michigan

This one was really blooming! 

 In the photo below you can see how many of these orchids are growing alongside the trail.  Most don’t bloom at all.  I have visited this orchid several times this month.  They are very small plants and tiny flowers.  

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Purple Fringed Orchid


Today, Thursday August 5 2021, I visited a creek close to home in search of a Purple Fringed Orchid.  I haven't found the orchid at this creek before but I thought it was the right sort of place to find one.  I did find just one.  It was about 35 inches tall and in perfect condition.

I spied it from the other side of the creek and bravely made my way to it.  There was the creek to cross, and mud, and spider webs, and brambles, and dead trees to get through to see this gorgeous orchid up close!  

What a thrill to find this plant!  Some times I tell myself that it is fine not to see a special plant, to just enjoy the adventure.  I have to admit, finding this plant made my day!