Monday, October 30, 2023

Fall 2023 in Michigan

 The fall colors have been very pretty here in Michigan.  Some wildflowers are still blooming.  It is the end of October, I’m still picking tomatoes, peppers, and a few beans from our garden.

Here are some pictures from September and October 2023

Port Sheldon Natural Area  
On the first day of Autumn
Meadow Beauty were mostly done blooming, but we found a few of the unique blossoms.

 Here is a bunch of Meadow Beauty past blooming.    

My daughter not only found the one Bartonia blooming, but she also found this Wood Frog! Do you see the frog?

Several trips to Bass River Recreation Area did not disappoint.  

   Closed Gentian 

Ladies Tresses Orchid October 8th I found 7 orchids still blooming!  Such a treat.

Close up Chicory.


My sister (Sugar) and I have been on a couple bike rides, they were so much fun.  We rode through Terra Verde golf course on the Spoonville bike trail on September 28, 2023. 

Then another ride October 18, from Spring Lake Central Park going east on the North Bank Trail to 130th Avenue and back.  A lovely ride of just over 7 miles.

Mike and I went to Ludington State Park, October 17.  We hiked over 4 miles and had a very nice day, including stopping in Hart for supper.  

Hart Lake in Hart Michigan

Every other night Mike and I walk at Stearns Creek Park.  The leaves have been beautiful with lots of reds, orange, yellow, pink, and green.

On the other evenings, we walk at Connor Bayou.  There is one place where the maple trees dropped their leaves, and it is unbelievable how it gives a warm glow to the whole area.  It really is a sight to see in person.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us this month, 46 years!  

Mike has recently gone nuts over nuts, walnuts mostly and some Shagbark Hickory nuts.  He wanted me to share a photo of some walnuts we collected recently.  He currently has 300 pounds of walnuts, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law and their walnut tree!

We have been to Crockery Creek Natural Area a few times this month.

October 24, we planned to go kayaking with our daughter.  The day started with heavy rain bursts, then lightning, then sunshine.  We took a chance and kayaked Crockery Creek from the Grand River all the way under the Leonard Road bridge.  It was a perfect day! So relaxing and fun!  

Hofma Preserve 

October 28th, we drove 100 miles north (east) to Silver Creek Pathway, Mike and I hiked over 4 miles.

This is a great loop trail that mostly follows the Pine River and crosses Silver Creek. 

On the drive home we meandered a bit taking a different route and found some beautiful places.

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