Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 2018 First Three Adventures

October 2
An adventure to Crockery Creek Natural Area, Ottawa County Park.

This very old, very big oak tree greets you at the start of your walk. 

This really was October 2nd, although the leaves look spring green.

We found a violet blooming! 

We also found Touch-Me-Not blooming, and Wild Basil, Indian Tobacco, asters, goldenrod, dandelion, Heal All...

 Wild Lily of the Valley
 This adventure was with Marie, so we checked out a few places off the main trail. 

 The lighter colored water is Crockery Creek, and the darker water is a swampy area.


 I know that is a lot of photos for one trip but what can I say... I really left many photos out.
Again lots of pictures... This was October 5th starting at Hofma Preserve, a Grand Haven Township Park located at 16295 Sleeper St..  Hofma Preserve has 446 acres with approximately 4.5 miles of trails, an 885 foot floating bridge, 17 space parking area and a restroom. 
 I went alone on this walk and even though I didn't like crossing the 885 foot floating bridge, by myself twice, I did.  I had a very nice walk!  Sometimes I surprise myself. 

Most of the red leaves were maples and tupelo trees.  It was a warm and humid day.

 Safely back to the parking area.  I was walking for 1 1/2 hours and never saw another person!  

It was October 8th, Betsy and I walked at Kirk Park.  Ottawa County Park.

We started off in the woods, soon I was seeing different sorts of fungus.

I'm not sure what these are... 
 And these?  Maybe Dead Man's Fingers?

Then the stairs, up and down over the dunes.

 Lake Michigan

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.