Sunday, July 31, 2022

June 2022 Wildflowers Ottawa County, Michigan

June 2022 There are so many pretty wildflowers this time of year.  Every day I am finding different flowers blooming.  Now it is the end of July, most of these pictures are from June from parks in Ottawa County.

Rose Pogonia Orchid

Pitcher Plant

Columbine at Connor Bayou Park and it is still blooming July 31!  I saw the first one blooming May 15, so these plants have been blooming for two and a half months!  

I’m not going to name them all.  If I do, I’ll never get this posted.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

An exciting find! Naked Miterwort


There is a creek nearby that I enjoy visiting. The creek is part of a local park. I stopped in for a visit, just to see what was blooming.  I saw Marsh Marigold, Wood Anemone, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Golden Saxifrage, violets.  I found barberry when I hunkered down to take a picture, ow! But it was blooming too.  Frogs jumped into the creek, deer rushed away, I didn’t hear the road noise only the breeze through the trees.  

We have had three days of 90 degree weather, before this it has been mostly a cool Spring.  Leaves popped out, the Serviceberry bloomed like big puffed popcorn kernels!  Flowering Dogwood is flowering, along with different types of cherry, everything is now green. 

This creek has soggy edges where many plants grow. I was seeing roundish, green, hairy leaves in the wetter places.  I saw these here last year but thought they were the early leaves of Foamflower.  I’m no expert, and I’m not particularly good at noticing differences in plants.  

This time I could see a tiny spike of flowers coming up from these leaves.  As soon as I saw them up close I knew it was Naked Miterwort something I had only seen in books.  It was exciting to find this plant growing and actually flowering.  If it hadn’t been flowering I would not have identified it at all.

I went back to this place again the next day and found several more of this miterwort blooming!  As I walked along to leave I came to a small mound of moss and there was the other type of miterwort blooming, Two-leaved Miterwort.  

Such a simple and special place. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Aman Park May 4 2022

 Here is a look at Aman Park Wednesday May 4, 2022.  We have had several cool, rainy days but today was forecast for sunny, warmer, and no rain.  Betsy and I walked 3.5 miles at Aman Park, and it was a perfect day.   Here is some of what we saw!


Great Day! 
Thanks, Pink.