Saturday, March 25, 2023

Harbinger of Spring at Hager Park and Grand River Park

 Spring is starting to spring here in Ottawa County Michigan!  Marie took me on an adventure yesterday March 24, 2023.  We went in search of Harbinger of Spring, the plant.  We found several blooming at Hager Park.

Marie spotted the first plant just barely open then as we looked closer, we saw several more Harbinger of Spring blooming.  We also checked on the spring flowering Witch Hazel.  It was also blooming.

After a lovely time at Hager Park, we visited Grand River Park.  We wanted to see if the Harbinger of Spring was blooming there.  And surprise it was!   We also saw Skunk Cabbage.  

That was our quick little adventure to welcome Spring! Maybe next week we will go looking for Hepatica. 

Friday, February 10, 2023

Connor Bayou Park 12 months in 2022

 Connor Bayou Park, Ottawa County Michigan

First are 12 pictures, one from each month of 2022 starting in January.  These were all taken from the bayou overlook.

Connor Bayou   January 23, 2022

Connor Bayou   February 23, 2022

Connor Bayou   March 17, 2022

Connor Bayou   April 27, 2022

Connor Bayou   May 15, 2022

Connor Bayou   June 29, 2022

Connor Bayou   July 12, 2022

Connor Bayou   August 21, 2022

Connor Bayou   September 3, 2022

Connor Bayou   October 5, 2022

Connor Bayou   November 15, 2022

Connor Bayou   December 25, 2022

Generally, Mike and I walk at this park every other day.  We also try to walk the opposite direction each time and yes sometimes we get it wrong, but that’s okay. In 2022 we walked at Connor 134 times, average walk 1.6 miles. 

Here is the bayou overlook.

This year the Columbine went wild along the trail at Connor Bayou Park.  It was the most Columbine in one area that I have ever seen. Also, I first saw it blooming here on May15, and the last blossom I saw was mid-October!  Here are some pictures of the Columbine.

I see many Hepatica, Wild Geranium, Poke Milkweed, Bladdernut, Butterfly Weed, and Chicken of the Woods, and Redbud.

Round Lobed Hepatica

Poke Milkweed

The 142-acre property includes nearly a mile of Grand River frontage and many natural communities including wetlands, mature mixed hardwood and pine forest.  The site offers outstanding views of the Grand River and expansive wetlands to the north.

There is a trail heading east from the park along the Grand River, it was flooded for about 3 years.  We have recently been able to walk that trail although it is pretty rough going. Here are pictures looking back to the overlook from that trail along the river. Can you see the overlook?

Connor Bayou Park has a log cabin you can rent for gatherings.  We rented it for our daughter’s wedding so now it is a bit more special to me.

There are two more overlooks and a kayak launch dock here at the park.

Along with lots of wonderful trees here at the park, there is a bike path that comes through the woods to the parking area.

We walk year-round even when it is raining, or snowing, or blowing! 

That is Connor Bayou Park.  Thanks for stopping by!