Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More Spring Things

Different places, different things....

           Spring Beauty

         Riverside Park - Ottawa County Michigan

     Wild Geranium

                                               Running Strawberry Bush

 Box Turtle
Hofma Perserve  -  Grand Haven Township Park

     Creek somewhere
               Marsh Marigold

 Cedar Apple Rust
 Cedar Apple Rust after a warm rain

Trillium - Nodding Or maybe Drooping?

 Wild Blue Phlox at Riverside Park, Ottawa County

 Flooding at Connor Bayou Park along the Grand River
 Connor Bayou
 There is a trail under all that water.  Connor Bayou Park

 Connor Bayou Park





       Squaw Root just coming up.

            Herb Robert

  First blooming Orchid for me this year at Stearns Creek Park, Pink Lady's Slipper

           Wood Sorrel

                        Royal Fern
 This beaver spied Mike and I from about 400 feet across the water.  It came fast towards us, then swam back and forth in front of us.  Every so often it would slap its tail and dive under the water.  We watched it for a few minutes, I took some video with my phone, then we left the area. 
Today it is 93 degrees!  We went from a nice cool spring, to hot summer days!  Spring  always seems to go fast, it was a good spring.
Take Care!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Aman Park

Aman Park Tuesday May 12, 2020
Another beautiful spring day.  Four hours of admiring wildflowers, covering a distance of three miles.  

Monday, May 11, 2020

Silver Creek Pathway Michigan

May 9 2020  Silver Creek Pathway north of Luther.
A pleasant walk on a spring day along the Pine River and crossing over Silver Creek.

           Pine River
              Marsh Marigold


               Trout Lily

                               Trailing Arbutus

      Lincoln Landing bridge
           Silver Creek

I hope you enjoyed the walk too.