Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silver Creek Pathway, Arboretum Trail, Flea Roast and Ox Market, Cabin Fun, Loda Lake, Spirit of the Woods Music Festival and More

June 2013
In June Mike and I, made a couple trips to the cabin in Manistee County, Michigan.  Mid June we hiked part of the Manistee River trail starting at Slagle Creek Bridge and heading north 90 minutes then back to Slagle Creek.  Wonderful walk as always.
Manistee River Trail...
Slagle Creek 
 Slagle Creek Bridge

Manistee River
Buttercup (noticed the shine on the leaf) that tells me it's a buttercup.

 Fungus with bark growing through it.

After a three hour hike we enjoyed the Spirit of the Woods Music Association and Folk Festival, in Brethren, Michigan.
                         No that's not us  :)


While in Brethren we walked to Lake Eleanor.

On this trip we stopped in at Gale's Pond an Oceana County Park.  It is located on Fillmore Road in Elbridge Township and is just under 19 acres in size. The park has a 2500 foot handicap-accessible boardwalk that extends across the pond and links up with nature trails along the back portion of the park.

I found Rattlesnake Fern (Botrychium viirginianum).
Rattlesnake fern gets its name from the fertile section of frond, which is reminiscent of a rattlesnake's rattle. The fertile section is bright yellow when the spores are mature; it is green in the photo above.
Next along the trail, I looked close because I've seen liverwort here before and there it was!

On one of our trips over to the Dublin General Store in Dublin, Michigan where they have yummy jerky, we past the Arboretum Trail (I've been here before) we decided to take a walk around the trail.

"This Arboretum was planted in the Manistee National Forest in the 1930's to compare how various species of trees from throughout the world would grow in the local climate. Some of them have survived and thrived. Others are hard to find. The interpretive signs have been removed which is a shame, because they were written by someone with a cute sense of humor. This is a wonderful treasure that is practically unknown, but the Forest Service is abandoning it, and will no longer be maintaining the trail."
From Get off the Couch

A few years ago we turned east on Stronach Dam Road off Snyder Road near Wellston, Michigan and found a place to walk to the Pine River, it is Manistee National Forest Property.  It's a fun little spot to stop.  We stopped there yesterday.
We had to pop into Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary on one of our trips.

 In Irons this past weekend we attended
the Flea Roast and  Ox Market.
 Bands played, fleas were roasted, horses pulled too much weight (7,000 + pounds), we listen to bands play, (the Silverado Band played Friday, we had heard them play the Saturday before at Grand Pines assisted living where my mother-in-law lives), there were carnival rides, raffles, and an ox (flea) market.  I'm sure this is great fun for some but just give me a quiet trail through the woods, thanks.

Off to the cabin for the night.  It is so quiet and peaceful here.  At night we heard the call of the Barred Owl.

So just yesterday we left the cabin and made our way to the Silver Creek Pathway in Lake County, Michigan.  We have hiked this trail several times and enjoy the variety of areas it offers. 




"Silver Creek Pathway has been a gradual work in progress, an evolving trail that is now considered well worth the wait by visitors to this corner of Lake County. What began as a short path for campers in the 1970s is now a 4-mile loop that extends between two state forest campgrounds and follows both sides of the scenic Pine River. The key to the trail’s development was the installation of a pair of bridges that allow hikers and others to cross the river and return to the trailhead."

There were some interesting clouds on the way home, it was good to be home. 
 Almost home.