Friday, May 10, 2019

Aman Park in Ottawa County, Michigan - May 7 2019

Aman Park is where hundreds of Large-Flowered Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) bloom in early to mid May.  I started my stroll at the southern parking area, then through the woods where the trail heads down into the deep ravine. 

 Along these steep hills grow Bellwort, Large-Flowered Trillium, and Miterwort.
 The Large-Flowered Bellwort were blooming, notice how they bloom with their heads hanging down, and very droopy.  It was a bit early in the season for Miterwort.

Once in the ravine you come to a bridge over Sand Creek.
There are two bridges at Aman over Sand Creek, this is the southern bridge.  After crossing the bridge, I turned right and followed the trail that runs beside the creek.

 Here is what I saw on my walk alongside the creek.


 Mayapple with buds

Several different types of violets

 Wild Ginger


Bloodroot leaves, these are already done blooming.

 Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) grow in large colonies,  in the areas that flood in the spring.  Most of the Virginia Bluebells were just starting to bloom. 


It is about a mile walk from the southern bridge to the northern bridge if you take the creekside path.  The creek snakes back and forth several times.  The trail is quite rough in places, and sometimes leads you right into the creek.  I stopped often to look around and just enjoyed all of it. 

 Look at all that green, and all those plants!

There are so many Spring wildflowers at this one park.  Spring Beauty, Cut-Leaved Toothwort, Spring Cress, anemones, bedstraw, and rue. 
Brand new ferns were pushing up out of the ground.  Bumble Bees, and some other types of bees were buzzing and flitting from flower to flower.  And the birds were singing the sweetest songs.
Spring Beauty

  Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) 

False Rue Anemone (Enemion biternatum)

 Pawpaw bud (Asimina triloba) - lots of Pawpaw trees.



 Wild Geranium


Dwarf Ginseng (Panax trifolius)

 Squirrel Corn

Dutchman's Breeches

Wild Blue Phlox

Sharp-Lobed Hepatica leaves, all done blooming.

 Here come the trillium, see that white on the rise ahead?  Large-Flowered Trillium!  They are grand, especially with hundreds of plants growing right next to each other.  It is a sight to see for yourself, if you can.


In one area at Aman Park, I look for a group of trillium with an anomaly, multiple green petals, there are about 4 plants that look like this...


That was a 2 1/2 hour walk, I walked three miles total, so I do go slow and enjoy.  It was partly sunny, and 60 degrees - a perfect day to be in the woods.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my walk.