Friday, November 17, 2017

Beautiful Michigan in October or Beautiful October in Michigan

 October 26 2017 Pickerel Lake in Kent County with Marie

 Liverwort was growing around the base of the trees and along this dead branch that was on the ground.

 Larch - the soft needles turn golden yellow then drop off the tree.

October 1 2017 Started with an evening walk at Connor Bayou with Mike.

October 2,  Marie and I hiked at Ionia State Recreation Area.

October 4 Betsy and I walked at Rosy Mound Natural Area In Ottawa County.

October 5 Kitchel Dunes in Ottawa County again with Betsy.

Grand Haven from the top of Dewey Hill.

Again from the top of Dewey Hill, with the Grand River and Lake Michigan.

Back to Rosy Mound by myself. 

October 8 Riverside Park in Ottawa County with Mike.

October 9 Grand Ravines an Ottawa County Park, with my favorite sister, Sugar!

 We came to this park to see the newly constructed 275' long, 70' high suspension bridge traversing one of the park’s namesake ravines.

 Looking down to the ravine

October 10 Marie and I went to Yankee Springs State Game Area in Barry County with a quick stop at the fen on the way home.

A field with walnut trees and an old foundation


Then the fen...

October 15 - 18 Mackinac Island with Mike to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary!!
 Pretty colors on the way up, even though it rained most of the way.

 Our old bikes, newly refurbished by our son Ryan.  The bikes are so much more comfortable with raised handlebars.

 We stayed at the Inn on Mackinac.

 We found some trails that were new to us, like this one, Morning Snack Trail.

On our way home we stopped at one of our favorite hiking trails, the Manistee River trail.

October 20 A little walk at Hofma with Betsy

October 30 Farview Nature Park in Allegan County with Marie
 There are many Tulip Trees in this park, the yellow leaves were covering the ground. 
That was October for me.  So many fun and beautiful walks, and the weather was nice too.  Leaves are still in many of the trees, which is late in the year for Michigan.  I'm sure snow is just around the corner.
I hope you enjoyed my walks!