Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May 2014 in Michigan

Some places I visited in May 2014.

2014 05 04 Riverside Park Ottawa County 
    Grand River
For more of Riverside in May see

2014 05 05 Warren Woods, Kesling Nature Preserve - Berrien County see

2014 05 08 Long Lake - Kent County, Patterson Park - Muskegon County see

2014 05 12 Dowagiac Woods - Cass County, Mud Lake Bog and  Trillium Ravine - Berrien County
                     Blue-Eyed Mary Collinsia verna Figwort family 

 Bent Trillium Trillium flexipes

   Mud Lake

Trillium Ravine
 Many trillium at Trillium Ravine!

 Spider with worm giving a high five.
2014 05 19 Barry County Places, including Maher Audubon Sanctuary

2014 05 20 Aman Park Ottawa County
 Virginia Bluebells
 Sand Creek at Aman Park

2014 05 27 Bass River Rec. Area, Ottawa County

 Johnny Jump-Up Viola tricolor Violet family

 Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis Buttercup family 

                     Yellow Iris  Iris pseudacorus  Iris family

 Super secret pond at Bass River Rec. Area, there are several super secret ponds here. 

 Around home we had a bumper crop of Squawroot Conopholis americana Broomrape Family - An underground plant without leaves or chlorophyll!  


 That was as much as I remember about May.  I did take a kayak trip down the Pigeon River but didn't have my camera with so no photos.  Since June is almost over, maybe I will compile the month of June into a post.  
Marie and I found two wild orchids at Bass River Rec. Area this week but I guess you will just have to wait until next month to hear all about it!  Now you are all on the edge of your seats. Right?