Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A fun find on the first day of November 2018

 November 1st  My sister, Sugar, and I decided to meet up at Rosy Mound Natural Area, an Ottawa County Park.  The leaves were so bright and the temperature mild, we took advantage of the opportunity. 
I walked at this park the end of September and found several Autumn Coralroot Orchid plants growing here but they were done blooming.  Or so I thought.
 As we walked along I kept an eye out for the orchid, wondering if I could even find the tiny plants again.  Then, there one was, an Autumn Coralroot!  And it was blooming!  We saw several more of the plants although no more that were blooming.   

The petals are small and quite hard to see.  I put a leaf behind the flower for a background and to make it easier to focus on the tiny petals.  I know it's not much, but those are petals, so yes it is blooming. 
Here is one of the clusters of coralroot.


We enjoyed our walk, the beautiful trees, and each other's company.  I am so luck to have family nearby to get me out there.  You just never know what you might see on a walk, even if you have been to the same place many times!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

End of October - More Fall Colors?

A new Ottawa County Park named Ottawa Sands.  Betsy and I took a three mile walk here on October 18.  "The 345-acre property sits between green space owned by the cities of Grand Haven and Ferrysburg and North Ottawa Dunes Park. The site has long been used for sand mining, but has been inactive in recent years. The property includes forested dunes, an 80-acre inland lake, and riverfront land with wetlands."

October 20 - My sister Sugar, and two of her granddaughters, and I went for a quick walk at Hofma Preserve. It was the girls' idea to go for a walk, and that makes it much more fun.  The sun was shining that morning but when we were half way through our walk big dark clouds developed and we started to hear thunder. 


Marie and I took a trip to northeastern Kent County to Pickerel Lake Park.  The leaves were changing color but not actually at peak.  Still it was a great day to be outside!

 We found Marsh Marigold blooming!  This is the third year we have found Marsh Marigold blooming here in October.  It usually blooms in April and May.
 On the Larch Loop trail we always find liverwort.  What could be better than larch and liverwort!

We took our time and enjoyed the trees, water, and fresh air.  We were out walking for hours.  Nice!
October 23 - A trip to Hofma Preserve with Betsy on a partly sunny day!

The next day it was a walk around Conner Bayou Park.

 October 29th  Marie took me to Aman park, we walked and enjoyed the woods for four hours.  The leaves were very yellow, golden, beautiful.  We walked from one end of the park to the other, some of the time along Sand Creek.

Sycamore Leaf

So many Paw Paw trees!

 And Hepatica leaves!
 There were more walks and adventures but some times I don't bring my camera.  If it is dark and cloudy I leave it home.  So here were some of the walks I enjoyed. 

There is some thing about this time of year, in the woods, that I just totally enjoy being out there.  Putting aside all the things that need to be done at home for a few hours.  I think it is the best time of year.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the walks.