Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Finishing Up 2016

Just a quick post about some of the places Marie and I went the end of 2016.  These images aren't quite so pretty as the fall photos, those were full of color.  Here in Michigan, November and December are usually gray months.  We still had fun as we always do, so here it is...

2016 11 22 Norton Shores Park, Black Lake

 "Little" Black Lake Park - Norton Shores Michigan

That same day we went to Hoffmaster State Park, to where Little Black Creek meets Lake Michigan.  This time the creek made its path straight to the lake, we have seen it heading south along the bank near the trees then back to the north then west to the lake.

 We saw liverwort and many fungus, lichens, and ferns...

Ghost Boats?

The next week we went back to the Norton Shores area.
2016 11 29 Lake Harbor Park - Norton Shores Michigan

Mona Lake Channel at Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan

Larch in Fall color

We stopped in at Ross Park, also a Norton Shores park.  "Ross Park is a 43 acre park is located on the south side of Mona Lake on Randall Road at Wellesley."

And we ended with a drive through Grand Haven.

Our next trip out was December 6th to Aman Park in Ottawa County.

Hepatica leaves from last spring!
Sand Creek

The next week December 13th 2016 we chose to go to Riley Trails, an Ottawa County park.

And a short walk at Kirk Park, another Ottawa County Park,  that's Lake Michigan.

On December 27th, we made our way to a few parks but found the entrances snowed in, we did stop at Jubb Bayou, an Ottawa County Park.
 The old barn at Jubb Bayou

Well, that wraps up 2016!  Next time into 2017!