Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Trails in Ottawa County, Michigan

So to start off July 2014, my granddaughter Vivienne and I went to a day camp "Happy Trails" at Hemlock Crossing Nature Education Center.  Vivienne is 4 years old so everything is interesting to her, she soaks up information and experiences like a sponge does water.  It was a special treat for just the two of us to spend some time together.

The Ottawa County staff were great fun and worked well with the group of 3 and 4 year old kids. After some instruction and games inside the nature center, we were then armed with hand lens and cardboard binoculars.  Outside we go, finding wildflowers and insects along the trail.

We made our way over to a wetland area and the instructors went about netting up critters from the water beneath the bridge.  They found tadpoles, water beetles, and other wildlife in the pond, which they placed in a container of water.  We got to observe these things close up.

As we looked over the edge of the bridge I pointed out a frog to Vivienne.  She said, "Look Gooma, the frog is camouflaged by a weed".  Well, the reporter from our local newspaper heard the comment and snapped a shot of Vivienne looking over the bridge.  The next day much to my surprise there was Vivienne on the front page of the Grand Haven Tribune! The reporter was Krystle Wagner.  Here is the link to the article,   

      Vivienne looking over the edge of the bridge.

 Grandmother!  Gooma doesn't sound quite so old, but I'm happy to be a grandma. 
 Vivienne showing an early interest in trees at age 9 months.  And below happy to be outside.