Friday, July 16, 2010

Near Here

See Tilly?

This morning I went with Tilly, near here, for a meander off leash.  We were gone for three hours!
It was very warm and humid, many bugs. But, OH, the things we saw!
So many wildflowers.  Beautifully colored birds. Insects of all shapes and sizes, some flying, some crawling.  A bunny, frogs, and snakes. There is so much to see outside!
Obedient Plant

Purple Loosestrife (with Bee)


Plants Amaze Me said...

No this format was not easier!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! M

Anonymous said...

Love the Obedient Plant! What beautiful photos! Is Tilly your puppy dog??

Plants Amaze Me said...

Tilly the Oreo Princess is our puppy dog! I tested the Obedient plant. Flowers are suppose to "stay obediently for a time in whatever position they are placed", according to
Lawrence Newcomb, they were not obedient!
Thanks Pink.

stratovolcano said...

I've walked around there, but I never saw these things!