Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall color at Pickerel Lake Park and Luton Park

2010 10 11 With archery deer season happening now, we try to avoid those arrows.  So Pickerel Lake Kent County Park (no hunting) here we come. 
                  Pickerel Lake
 This place is just NE of Grand Rapids Michigan, south of Pando ski area.  We have walked around Pickerel Lake, this time we decided to walk the trails in the SW part of the park, Larch Trail, Sandy Knoll Trail. 
                             Pickerel Lake

Wood Frog (Rana Sylvatica) This friendly fellow was along the trail.

We moved on to Luton Park (6125 Kies Street Rockford, MI 49341). About a 6.5 mile drive from Pickerel Lake.

                                    Rum Creek
Luton Park (consisting of 264 acres of scenic walking paths and mountain bike trails Managed by the Kent County Parks. With the first of five planned biking trails completed, Luton Park will eventually feature a stacked loop of mountain biking trails totalling 6-7 miles) is more for bicyclist but it is OK to walk there too, just move aside for the bikes!

At the parking area Luton looks like a big piece of farm land (and it was) but Rum Creek flows through the park and we found great sections of undisturbed nature to explore. We will come back to Luton in the spring!

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Kent County Parks Foundation said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Kent County Parks Foundation, thank you for your dedication to the parks in Kent County.

Anonymous said...

Pickerel Lake was stunning, as your photos depict.
Yum! Rum! What fun! M

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks for taking me to so many beautiful places, Marie, it will be fun to go back in the spring, and maybe to ride bikes there. :)

Ken said...

What beautiful colors! Amazing!

Mary Jo said...

Awesome! Keep up the blog, Chris!