Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Day of The Lost Scarf

2010 11 11 Marie and I treated ourselves to an extra day out this week because the weather has been just so nice!  In Michigan it is archery deer hunting and even in many of our Ottawa County parks they allow hunting.  So look out for the hunters. 
 We visited Hudsonville Nature Center, in well yes, Hudsonville Michigan.  NO HUNTING!  Here there are planted prairies, a mixed hardwood forest,  moraines, wetlands, and a flowing creek.  I think the creek is part of Rush Creek by I'm not certain of that.

We were here late in June and we found many plants blooming.  Plants are amazing.
                                                  Herb Robert

                                         Orange Hawkweed

                                                           Red Clover

So these were some wildflowers we saw in June now things are shades of brown not much blooming and soon things will be white with snow.

Next stop on this day was Grand River Park.  This is a great place for a walk.  No hunting and we thought maybe we could find the fruit of the Paw Paw that we spotted on October 18.  We didn't find the Paw Paw fruit, it is probably gone, eaten or rotted or maybe we weren't in exactly the right place.

The day after this Marie called me with a bit of sad news that she had lost her scarf.  It wasn't an expensive scarf, but it was a scarf she thought was just right, soft and purple.

Will she find her scarf next time?   


Anonymous said...

A cliffhanger! And your photos of the flowers was just what I needed. Brown is beautiful, too. It's all the colors of summer mixed together!
Thanks for all your work on this blog. M

stratovolcano said...

Oh, just like when we lost Precious' lease by the lighthouse in Ludington State Park with Uncle Rick and David W. It still makes me sad. Please find the scarf soon.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yes a cliffhanger! The browns of the woods and prairie are beautiful, and the snow will be beautiful too!

Did we find the leash at Ludington? Are you serious about it making you sad still? Hmm.
Thank you for your bloggership! Ha Ha