Monday, March 21, 2011

A Sugar Day!

March 17 2011 A bonus day outside, this time with my favorite sister Sugar! (I have 3 favorite sisters).  We visited Rosy Mound Natural Area which is nearby and has lots of stairs over the dunes to Lake Michigan.

Arriving at Rosy Mound we found the parking lot clear so we pulled in and started off on a walk.  But we soon found the trail to be snow / ice covered and slippery.  We were wearing our shoes not boots, really it didn't matter, it would have been too slick on the steps.

There is a woodland loop before you get to the trail going up the staircase, so that's where we walked. It was a nice but short walk.

Planted Pines on the Woodland trail

We even saw wildlife here!  Look close.

Since our walk here was cut short by the iciness we went south  about 9 miles to Hemlock Crossing                                              
There is a new nature center here that we hadn't been to yet, actually I'm not sure if Sugar had been to Hemlock Crossing before.

Well, we went into the nature center and of course it was very impressive. Nicely done exhibits, informative, friendly employees.

                                                    Hemlock Crossing Nature Center
                     We went for a walk over the bridge to where I know the Skunk Cabbage live.

Take a peek inside a Skunk Cabbage

                     We found a Hepatica leaf, soon this plant will bloom.
And we saw Wintergreen with berries, we almost ate these berries but decided to stop at Ray's in Grand Haven.  I hope Sugar and I get more days for adventure!


Anonymous said...

You went to Ray's without me? M :(

P.S. I still like your photos! That chipmunk looks well fed.

Anonymous said...

Ooh!! THAT nature center! I didn't realize it was the same one for some reason. I see myself in a photo!

Anonymous said...

Neat bridge photo :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yes M, we went to Ray's without you. I glad your nose isn't any more out of place than usual! Ha Ha

Anonymous (a.k.a. B) No that's not you in the picture, you were not there that day, you must mean you could see yourself visiting the nature center, Right? :)

Thanks Tom! Glad you stopped by.