Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lost Lake

2011 07 05 Muskegon State Park
            "Lost Lake"
In "Michigan Wildlife Viewing Guide" it says that Lost Lake isn't really a lake at all, but a bog, a poorly drained, slightly acidic wetland.
Common Water Lily
These are sweet scented but were too far out in the water to get a whiff.
Dragonfly covered with dew, is it a Blue Dasher?
A little corner of Lost Lake

Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides) an Orchid
These were very small, maybe 5 inches tall.

     Large(or small)Cranberry
Common Bladderwort
         Racemed Milkwort
           Spiked Lobelia

Another Orchid, maybe Green Wood Orchid, also called Club-spur Orchid (Platanthera clavellata), but according to "Orchids of the North Woods" by Kim and Cindy Risen, Club-spur Orchid has a single pointed, oblong shaped leaf clasping the stem near or just below its midpoint,  Hm... may appear basal when buried in deep sphagnum.  Those are the leaves in the next picture.  Could it be Blunt-leaf Orchid (Platanthera obtusata)?  Yes it could.  The other problem is that it wasn't openly blooming.
I like this book,
"Orchids of the North Woods" by Kim and Cindy Risen, it has all the info you need for each orchid on one page.
Swamp Candles (Lysimachia terrestris)

First I saw this guy (or girl?), later I visited with his brother,

He's smiling, isn't he?  And they are bullfrogs right?
I left the frogs, we went on a ways when we started seeing these little white things on the ground, hm... curious.  It didn't take Marie long to find the shrub that they fell from.  But we haven't identified it yet

Lost Lake is a special place, one of our many favorites.


Sandy said...

Your first picture is so cool! Guess you can't call it Lost Lake anymore - hahaha. Smiling frog looks so friendly I want to pet him!

Plants Amaze Me said...

To Sandy, yes we now call it "Found Lake" :)
Those frogs look cute and friendly but actually they can take 'er arm off!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Rose Pogonia. Spiked Lobelia. Water lilies. Milkwort, cranberry. Swamp Candles! Oh my. M :)

Anonymous said...

Now we know the shrub at the end of this blog. The one with the white circles on the ground is - Winterberry!
M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :) Yes we did learn that those little white circles are from the Winterberry (Michigan Holly)! You are the Grand Master of Knowledge!
And I am but the lowly Grasshopper.
Where are we going next time? Hey aren't you at WORK?