Friday, September 23, 2011

Natural Areas in Ottawa County

       Upper Macatawa Natural Area Ottawa County Michigan
2011 08 22 Adams Street Landing, Hawthorn Pond Natural Area, West Upper Macatawa Natural Area, Upper Macatawa Natural Area (84th Ave entrance).

First stop - Adams Street Landing 
                 Moth Mullein

 Adams Street Landing, I guess you could put a kayak in here.
Bike path leads back under Adams Street so you don't have to cross the very busy road.

 Under Adams Street

Next stop Hawthorn Pond but they were working here so we didn't get to see the pond.

 We did see Heal All (Prunella vulgaris).
On to West Upper Macatawa Natural Area, this place is more for hunting, it was wet, overgrown, and lots of mosquitoes.  We didn't go far here.

Across the street, now we are on the east side of 84th Avenue, to Upper Macatawa Natural Area.
Rough-fruited Cinquefoil
We walked a long way here and it was hot, but had neatly mowed paths. 
A hot day but nice.


Dave said...

Funny but Chicory is one our favorite flowers. so many people pass it right by not even knowing how beautiful it really is. I really like it when it is mixed in a field with Queen Anns lace

Anonymous said...

Oh, that blue sky! You bring the walk back with such clarity. That white Moth Mullein with its purple stockings and orange slippers! The bike path under Adams Street was spooky - see the cement across the water and how it's all bent up? Damage from flooding. We saw debris stuck in cracks and crevices above our heads! Such a force of nature. Your flower pictures amaze me. M :)

Anonymous said...

flowerdave, Chicory is such a beautiful color, yes it goes well with Queen Anne's Lace, and it is a favorite of ours too. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Marie, I like that Moth Mullein description, purple stockings and orange slippers indeed.
I hope this comment thing is fixed, Blogspot has issues!