Sunday, May 5, 2013

Six Parks in Twelve Hours in Michigan - Part 2

2013 04 29  After Riverfront Park, McCoy's Creek Park, Bakertown Fen Perserve, and Mud Lake Bog we drove from Buchanan east just over the highway.  Along the way we had to drive around a huge Snapping Turtle in the road.

Just a few miles and now we are at Trillium Ravine Plant Preserve.  Even before we got out of the car we could see wildflowers! 

Here is some of what we saw...

 All that white and green are trillium!
Trillium grandiflorum - White Trillium or Large-flowered Trillium

There are also Trillium sessile, common name Toadshade Trillium

Those are not to be confused with Trillium recurvatum, common name Prairie Trillium. 
Which I do confuse!  I really just like to have fun looking at the wildflowers and figuring all this out sometimes isn't so fun for me. 

The biggest difference between the two, from what I understand is how the leaves are attached to the stem.  Trillium sessile has leaves that are sessile, attached to the stem without a stalk, whereas Trillium recurvatum leaves are strongly petioled, attached to the stem with a stalk.  Just let it go...

Another plant that is easier to tell apart when they are right next to each other are Dutchman's Breeches (on the left) and Squirrel Corn (on the right).

 We saw so many wildflowers... Trout Lily and Spring Beauty.

Blue Cohosh
Unique types of fungi...and we were having a great time rediscovering all of our old friends. 
Even after all this fun we still decided to go to Dowagiac Woods! 
This photo was taken in 2008, this sign is gone now.
We were at Dowagiac Woods just two weeks ago.  Now the hepatica were waning, but the Spring Beauty were out in full force. 
Here is Dowagiac Woods...

                          Wild Ginger

                                              Dwarf Ginseng

There were many more Marsh Marigold.

I was hoping the Blue-eyed Mary would be blooming, and it was!

Many more insects were here compared to two weeks earlier.  Nice to see all the bees.

We were at Dowagiac Woods for almost two hours, and we were going fast, for us.  So we phoned our families to let them know we would be late.  Oh, and we did see hepatica.
 Sharp-lobed Hepatica


Anonymous said...

Oh, you've outdid yourself again. You take the best photos in the whole world! You do. The bee in the trillium is so enlightening. Pollination revealed and to think we depend on this process to survive. Go, bees!

Toadshade, smoadshade. They were gorgeous, hundreds of them. Petals almost looked black. The Trout Lily, all yellow. Spring Beauty with pink anthers. Then, the unusual color of Blue Cohosh. The royal yellow of Marsh Marigold.

The Blue-eyed Mary was a totally unexpected treat. Well worth the trip to see that since we don't see it here, just a hundred miles north.

The Hepatica is a fine piece of artwork. Did you paint that? You did, with your camera.

Thanks for the memories. M :)

New Hampshire Gardener said...

I can't believe that you have 2 areas in that state that have millions of white trillium. It's really an amazing sight and so rare to someone from New Hampshire. I've seen maybe 20 white trillium in the woods here in my entire life and they were all growing in one spot. I've never seen the toadshade or the prarie trillium. You're very lucky to live in such a beautiful place with lawmakers and citizens that value nature. The fungus was great! It looks almost like a false morel.

Anonymous said...

I don't get down to that corner of the state very often, it looks like I will have to change that. Thanks for the beautiful photos and information!

New Hapshire Gardener said...

I should have also said that I agree with anon. Your photos are excellent. i think my favorite is the next to last shot of the shy hepatica.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Marie, you are funny and wise! Blue-eyed Mary was only unexpected to you, I KNEW it would be blooming, Ha-Ha not really I was just hoping.

Oh I like that "royal yellow of the Marsh Marigold", I might plagiarize your comment in my next post!

Yes I did paint the hepatica, with my camera? I guess.

Thank you for the memories, wait who are you again??

It has been a long and fun day.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yes, Allen, we are lucky! We realize it and appreciate all of it, each time we are out there. Really you should hear us (or not), we never seem to tire of seeing the flowers, trees, birds, snakes- well you get the idea. Now that's not to say we don't get physically tired, we need to look at taller plants so we don't have to get down and up so many times.

So maybe the fungus was a false morel? As far as the trillium, I guess they just keep spreading and multiplying year after year?

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

You're welcome QSP-Jerry, It is worth the trip this time of the year. As you know, many birds migrate through that area, maybe not exactly through Trillium Ravine but very close, I'm sure. I'm too slow to get photos of birds, they hop around, whereas the flowers tend to stay put.
We were at Aman for 5 hours today, then Grand River Park! It was great. Beautiful day.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks again, Allen. I saved the best (hepatica), for last. And that was the last we will see of hepatica this year.

stratovolcano said...

cool trip. that turtle is amazing. Wow. with the moss or green stuff growing on its back! the last photo is like from a magazine. very nice pictures. Buchanan is a long way from home!

Mike said...

Excellent photos, as always. It was great running into you guys again. We got back to Trillium Ravine on the 8th and saw spectacular blooms on the Wood Poppy and the Nodding Trillium, then over to Dowagiac to see the Blue-Eyed Mary. We saw Wakerobin near Capac on the way home. Foamflower, Solomon's Seal and Large Toothwort blooming in the same woods.

Still a few Trout Lily and Spring Beauty blooms up here in Leelanau, Dutchman's Breeches and Squirrel Corn about done, Hepatica gone now. Massive areas of Trillium blooms in Sleeping Bear and woodlots in the area, just carpeting the forest floor. Wet areas dense with Marsh Marigold blossoms. Large Flowered Bellwort as dense as I have ever seen it. Canada Mayflower just starting. Serviceberry in full bloom here. Lots of Violets everywhere. Saw the first Sand Cherry blossoms on the dunes yesterday.

See you on the trail!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, Mike, for the comment and all the flower info. The first time (2009) I went to Trillium Ravine the Wood Poppy were blooming, quite a sight. Capac, is east of Flint?

Let me know how you do with orchids, many special ones in Michigan's northern lower peninsula. Email me if you don't want to put the information in a comment.

Hope to see you soon...

Plants Amaze Me said...

stratovolcano, yup cool trip. The turtle was on a rural road (hilly and 55 mph), it wasn't safe to get out of the car and take a photo, so that picture was through the window. It looked very prehistoric.
Thanks for the comment, hepatica are actually quite beautiful, and to think I ate them when I was growing up.
Buchanan is far from home. Aunt Marie drives, and I navigate, so far so good.