Friday, June 21, 2013

Trail Camera, Fox, Coyote, Turkey, Raccoon, in west Michigan

Here is an accumulation of the past several months from my Truth Cam.  I have left it in the woods near a meadow.  At times I will put out a pumpkin or table scraps.  I was most excited to see a coyote again.  I see mostly fox, crows, deer, turkey, and raccoons, occasionally a stray dog or people.

I've had this camera for two years, and almost everyday it has been outside taking pictures.  It is still exciting to check and see what was captured in a photo.

The moon phase, temperature, date, and time are on the photos.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a collection of wildlife. I wonder if your neighbors know about all the critters lurking in the woods near them?

New Hampshire Gardener said...

That's pretty amazing. I'm still tempted to buy one of these cameras.

Plants Amaze Me said...

We have several acres here and our house is a long way from the road (1200 ft), unfortunately in 2000 a subdivision was put in next to us. So we have 10 neighbors that butt up along our property, it was farmland. I'm sure most have no idea what are in these woods.

Just yesterday I moved the camera to our front porch, there have been some droppings in the corner of the porch and we are wondering what is leaving them. We thought maybe a bat or bird but so far I haven't caught anything on camera.

Plants Amaze Me said...

You really should get a trail camera, Allen, even after two years I get excited to check what was roaming the woods. The Truth Cam 35 uses D size batteries, the batteries last a long time (compared to AA batteries). The pictures are fairly clear, but I haven't used any other trail cameras so I can't really compare. It cost around $85.

I really do get excited to see what the camera caught overnight. Sometimes it is a hundred pictures of crows, or no pictures at all. I guess I would look around and see what the reviews say about different types of these cameras. Mine was a birthday gift, I'm happy with it. It also takes videos which I haven't used much.