Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dowagiac Woods, our first visit of 2014

April 11, 2014 was a bonus adventure day for my sister, Marie and me!  It has been a slow warm up this spring, I can still see snow piles along my driveway.  The day started out cold, mid 30's but with a promise of sun and 50's by noon.

Harbinger-of-Spring was blooming in my woods so we decided to go to Grand River Park in Ottawa County, Michigan - since in years past we have found Harbinger-of-Spring and other early spring wildflowers here. 
 Grand River Park entrance
Harbinger-of Spring

We went to Grand River Park and we were not disappointed.  Many Harbinger-of-Spring plants were blooming!
So that was nice, but we both decided we wanted to check out Dowagiac Woods in southwest Michigan.  That's about 100 miles to drive, one way.  Dowagiac Woods is owned by Michigan Nature Association and is well-known for its beautiful display of spring wildflowers.
 Old sign from 2008, and below the new sign.

We made it to Dowagiac Woods, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the temperature had risen into the 60's!  How could we not come to Dowagiac Woods today, why not.  Maybe there would be nothing blooming.  We were excited.
The woods were quite gray and brown, but what a great day to be in the woods.

And then we saw wildflowers.  Many Harbinger-of-Spring, hundreds!  One Spring Beauty.  Then Hepatica!  We heard frogs!  Saw a toad.  We sat, and listened to Spring.
 Sharp-Lobed Hepatica
 Hepatica in so many colors.
I'm so glad we made the trip.  The hepatica were lovely and we had the whole place to ourselves, except of course for the wildflowers, and frogs, toads, butterflies...
Thanks again Marie for your excellent driving skills, and  enthusiasm! 

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Anonymous said...

We were happy to be there, as happy as hound dogs baying at the moon! What a day. I never expected to see so many Harbinger-of-spring blooming in so many places. Dowagiac Woods is a wonder. M :)