Monday, September 1, 2014

Outdoor Adventures in Michigan July 2014

There were several fun and interesting outdoor adventures in July, here in west Michigan, especially nice with the comfortable weather.  We took advantage of the concerts in the park, Tuesday nights in Grand Haven and Thursday nights in Spring Lake. Every concert was great, a variety of music.  So if you live in the area I would recommend these free concerts. 

Here are a few photos of some of those adventures.
First was a visit to Muskegon County this time with Mike to see the orchid, Rose Pogonia!

July 7th, Marie and I were able to explore some of Newaygo County.  Camp Newaygo Wetland Trail, Newaygo Prairie, and Sailors Pines.

 The Newaygo Prairie is not far from the Wetland Trail, and it is always pleasant to visit.

After the Prairie, off to Sailors Pines, a new to us place.
"Sailors Pines is  a privately owned preserve of the stately Michigan White Pine where the public is welcome to visit this glimpse of our state's past.  Near Croton Pond, stands a testament to Michigan's past, a virgin old growth forest of stately white pines, towering over 100 feet tall and up to 24 inches in diameter.  A small plaque marks the entrance which dedicates this forest to the original owners, William and Elizabeth Sailors. The Sailors came from Indiana and became engaged in the lumbering business here in Michigan in the late 1800's."

 Mid July, Marie and I went to Bass River Recreation Area to explore a new place I saw on Bing maps.  This is the new place I wanted to go to - wet woods with maybe a pond. What a place!
There were dark clouds but we still had sunshine.
Not sure what kind of caterpillar this is - maybe Grapevine Epimenis (Psychomorpha epimenis)?

Into the third week of July, we visited Farview Park in Allegan County.  Farview is a park that has ponds and wet woods, it's a fun place.  We found Green Wood Orchid, several, but none were openly blooming.

I was walking along in the shallow water, ducking under bushes, when Marie let me know that this snake was in the bush ahead of me.  Harmless snake, but I wouldn't want to have it hanging around my neck.

Mike and I walk at Riverside Park in Ottawa County regularly, here are a few shots from Riverside.

At the end of July, Marie and I explored some places in Allegan Forest.  Including "Happy Boots Corner",  Mark Cassino's Homestead pond, and more.  Here are a few things we saw.

                                            Lizard's Tail

              See the purple?  That's an orchid!  Purple Fringed Orchid.
 We found one very scarlet Cardinal Flower blooming in these wet woods!  Just the one, here in this shady area.  Along the creek we found Monkey Flower and liverwort.  Very nice.
 Down the road and around a few corners to Homestead.  I learned of this place from Mark Cassino (

                                                 Hairy Pinweed (Lechea mucronata) Rock Rose Family

Well, Marie not only got a life plant here, Hairy Pinweed, but I found Virginia Meadow Beauty!!  I had only seen this plant one other time at Ross Coastal Plain Marsh in Van Buren County.  It was near the pond, hidden in tall grass.
 That will wrap up July 2014 now onto August!

 1. Ottawa County Happy Trails Camp  with Vivienne (previous post)
2. Muskegon County with Mike
3. Newaygo County with Marie
4. Ottawa County with Marie
5. Allegan County, Farview, and Herrick Library with Marie
6. Ottawa County, Riverside Park, several visits with Mike
7. Allegan County with Marie


Anonymous said...

It has been a busy, wonderful summer! Your photos bring it all back. M :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that I have been missing your posts. In one of the last ones that I received a notification of, you were considering giving up blogging, so when the notifications stopped coming, I assumed that you had given it up.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yes busy and wonderful...I can't believe it is pretty much over!

Plants Amaze Me said...

For some reason the notifications are hit or miss with blogspot. I've never used any other blogging site but blogspot certainly has issues. I often feel like ending this blog or just make it private. Not sure what to do. Probably just post once in a while or not.

Anonymous said...

Cool photo of the fox!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks. The fox was in a yard across the road from the entrance of the park. So we put down the car window and I was able to zoom in on the fox, that is why the photo looks sort of soft.

Mary E. Stephens said...

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I am planning to post a link to this blog post next week. I really enjoy these photos as some of them are in my "old stomping grounds". Your photography is fantastic too. Makes me a little homesick - at least during they summer. :-)

Plants Amaze Me said...