Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Owl In My Woods

This is the Great Horned Owl that lives in our woods. 
The picture above was taken with my FugiFilm Finepix camera, it has a 20x zoom. 
The picture below is taken from the exact same place but without the zoom.  Can you find the owl in the tree?


Anonymous said...

Your owl photo is excellent! Magazine quality. The background enhances, doesn't distract. No, I could not find the owl in the second photo. I took a guess with the lichen-covered tree on the right and a mess of dark branches. How did you ever spot it? Good work! M :)

PSYL said...

Great image! And I love games like this where I need to spot a well-camouflaged animal.

I believe the owl is just slightly up from the center of the image, although it is very very far away, so the owl is only a few millimeters long in the picture.

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :-) thanks. Well if you stand in the woods and just look for those feathery ear tufts you can usually spot the owl.

Plants Amaze Me said...

PSYL You are correct! Slightly up from center. I'm out in the woods usually a couple times most days, and I see the owl almost every time. It knows I'm coming but rarely moves just sits and looks down at me. And I was in the same spot the day I took both pictures, this camera has a great zoom.