Saturday, November 12, 2016

October in Michigan

October 2016 was a beautiful month for fall colors in Michigan.  We went many places in Michigan, so I just put a few images together for this post.
 This is an American Beech right here in my woods.

Marie and I made a visit to several parks in Kent County, one of them was Ada Township Park.  This is the only place I have found Fringed Gentian and Bottled Gentian growing in the same place.

Also at Ada Township Park...


On one of our weekly trips, my sister Marie and I stopped at a place new to us, Hyser Marsh Wildlife Observation Area.  This is in Kent County, Michigan.

Then a hike around Pickerel Lake Park...

 Another sister, Sugar, took me on a biking adventure on the M 231 highway - bike trail.  We (hopefully) rescued this turtle that was very near the two lane highway.   We moved him to a muddy area under the bridge.

M 231 Bridge over the Grand River

Same sister, different bike ride... to Hofma Preserve in Ottawa County, Michigan.

Marie and I visited an unnamed bog one day in Muskegon County...

Mike and I were up north celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary.  We were able to stop by Ludington State Park while (my sister) Sugar and her husband, Rick, were camping there.  We all went for a walk around the islands on a pretty day.

Driving around northern lower Michigan, we saw some beautiful colors.  Sometimes with those big gray clouds and the sun shining on the trees.  I'm not sure where we were when I took these images but it was probably Manistee County or Mason County.

Of course we had to hike on the Manistee River Trail, as is our tradition in October.  It was a dark, cloudy day but no rain and it was quite warm.

We had a little walk a Magoon Creek Park just south of Manistee.

Now it is November 12 and we are still having nice weather.  Even the last two weeks the leaves have been bright and colorful, so a nice autumn I would say.

    Maybe the next post there will be snow? 


Mary E. Stephens said...

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures! I haven't been back to Michigan in over 20 years, but I still miss the autumn there (not the winters - haha). I so enjoyed looking at your photographs and remembering that. I may share a link to your post on my blog, and definitely plan to pass it on to friends who still live there and could make good use of the locations you go to see the beauties of nature. :-)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thank You Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed a little look at Michigan. We have fun finding new places to explore, and visit the old ones regularly. It was one of the nicest autumns I remember. Now finally the trees are mostly bare but the temps are still in the high 50's. Not bad for mid November!
Chris :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, you pick just the right photos to post. Starting off with the American Beech leaves to contrast with the blue, blue gentians and the purple aster and Prunella vulgaris. The fall colors around the lake and yet it looks like spring time on the boardwalk there. We said that day it felt like spring with the temperature in the sixties. Your photo of the road leading over hill and dale - perfectly enticing. Pickerel Lake is certainly one of our Return-To parks. You even made that bog we walked around look inviting - that maple leaf was special. I love the barns and trees and vistas. Thanks a bunch! M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :) Thanks. I did leave out some of our visits. Remember we checked out the Carl Creek places, and I forgot to include the Marsh Marigold blooming at Pickerel Lake! I just expected to see it blooming like last year around this time of year and there it was, blooming! It was a nice long Autumn, first snow for us November 19.
We will still have fun even though it is cold and gray now, and we can check out one new place or park along with a familiar one each week!

Unknown said...

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