Monday, April 17, 2017

Catching up on the blog! 2017 January and February

First day of the new year, Mike and I had a walk at Riverside Park, an Ottawa County Park.  The trail is on a peninsula, sandwiched between the Grand River and Max Lake.

On the 3rd day of the new month, Marie came for an adventure day.  We went to Bass Recreation Area and Riverside Park but it was raining just too hard for a walk.  So we visited our sweet sister and brother-in-law in Spring Lake!  Sorry no photos to record the day.

On to January 15th, Mike and I went again to Riverside Park, but the park was flooded.  No getting around it.  So we went down the road to Connor Bayou, another Ottawa County park.
Riverside Park in Ottawa County

January 19,  Marie and I visited Hemlock Crossing, an Ottawa County park. It was a gray day but not very cold. 

 First insect of the year.

 So do squirrels snip this evergreen?
 New green leaves!

Skunk Cabbage, not yet open.

January 24 - an adventure to Farview Nature Park in Laketown Township, Allegan County.  It was another rainy day.  This is an interesting park, with ponds, creeks, woods, and fields.

After our fun walk at Farview, we went to Holland, Michigan.  First to Centennial Park, then to The Window on the Waterfront.

January 29th, Mike and I were back at Riverside Park.  Another cloudy day, and again the trails at the park were flooded.  So again over to Connor Bayou Park.  Connor Bayou Park is also along the Grand River so some of the trails here are often flooded but there is a nice loop trail through the woods that you can always count on.

The very best part of January was the birth of our grandson, Harrison!

On into February...
On the first, we (Marie and I) were at Hofma Preserve. Blue sky!


2017 02 06 North Ottawa Dunes, Grand Haven Pier

February 13 - Marie and I walked on the M-231 bridge in Ottawa County across the Grand River.  We also visited Grand River Park.


February 15th to 21st - I just had to fly to Texas and hold our new grandson.
He is perfect by the way!

I was set to just play and visit with the grandkids for the week but instead we went to the new cabin in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. 
While we were here, Andy, granddaughter Finley, and I along with the two dogs went for a short hike on the Rim trail at Lincoln National Forest.  Debi, Mary, and Harrison stayed at the cabin for this hike.
 We found a snowy field.  Finley had a great time helping build snowmen.

We also visited Sunspot, New Mexico.
And then the long drive back to Midland.
Back home in Michigan, February 22nd, a walk at Riverside Park with the very patient husband who I think understood why I just had to fly to Texas and hold that new baby. 

Grand River at Riverside Park

February 27, Marie and I got together for a trip to a park new to us! In Kent County, Coldwater River Park.
 Coldwater River

 Skunk Cabbage

 Our first real wildflower of the year, a dandelion! (sorry Skunk Cabbage)
We also went to Maher Audubon Sanctuary, Barry County Michigan.  
 We were close to the village of Freeport, and had never  been there, so we went.
 They had a very nice library in Freeport.  Friendly, too!
So we have made it through January and February of 2017.  This year is flying by.  But now it is April and I want to get to sharing the spring wildflowers we have seen.  So next post March? Then onto Spring! 


Anonymous said...

You go! This was fun. What a lot of places. Thanks for all your work. M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yup. Lots of places, go, go, go!
Still have to catch up to Spring, or not.