Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Muskegon State Park and Riverside Park in Muskegon County

June 15 We had a fun day at Muskegon State Park! 

We saw Bur Reed.

We went off trail and were drawn to a bright place in the woods.  Here we found Sphagnum Moss and muddy areas.  Interesting!

We even saw a pink flamingo...
Back on the trail we found lots of Cow Wheat blooming.
           Lost Lake

   Some wild Cranberry was blooming, and in the water were cranberries.

 Blue Flag (Iris)
In places the shore was red with sundew...

 Since it was cloudy, most of the Blue Eyed Grass had their petals closed.  Here is one open that I found.

 There were so many Fragrant White Water Lily.

 Also a few Yellow Pond Lily.

 We checked on the Rose Pogonia Orchid, but as I thought, we were just a little early for bloom time.  Still fun to find.  Below is a photo of this plant blooming from a previous year.

Some other things we saw...

Frostweed, always nice to see this sunny flower.

So we left this cool Lake, the weather was getting more threatening, darker clouds, maybe a rumble of thunder.  I was ready to go to another place to explore, and we came up with Riverside Park in North Muskegon along the north branch of the Muskegon River.

Here there are ball fields, play grounds, picnic tables, but keep walking and you find some curious steps leading to a jungle. 

It did storm while we were out but we made it back up through the "jungle" just fine.  And we saw more Blue Eyed Grass.
    Another great day!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed our walks!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing! I always enjoy our walks, wherever we go, whatever we see. The Rose Pogonia deserves another visit. I never realized Riverside Park was in Muskegon Township until I read the sign in your photo. That trail through the jungle is fascinating, so many wildflowers and luxuriant growth! Then to pop out on the bank of the river. We are explorers. Thanks for posting. M :)

Allen Norcross said...

Nice shots of the cow wheat and the cranberry blossoms. Neither is easy to get a good shot of.
I'd love to be able to see the sundews and rose pogonias!
Great, scenic places with plenty to see, that's what makes it so much fun.

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :) I enjoy our walks too. I noticed that on the sign, Muskegon Township - I didn't notice it at the time. Yes we are explorers, and good call that the lightning couldn't get to us in the jungle, you were right!
Thanks, your youngest sister :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, Allen! The plants low to the ground are getting more difficult to photograph each year. This Lost Lake is another interesting place and up to a few days ago, the only place we have found Rose Pogonia. Just two days ago, my daughter and I found another place Rose Pogonia blooms! I was very happy to find it at the new location which is closer to home.
Each time I go out, I see something interesting. Right now it is 95 degrees outside so I probably won't be out walking today. And hotter tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by.