Friday, April 5, 2019

Hepatica April 3 2019

 Our first stop on Wednesday April 3, 2019  was Schutmaat Park on the Rabbit River in Hamilton, Michigan. 

Our second stop was New Richmond Bridge Park on the Kalamazoo River located at the historic village of New Richmond  -  Allegan County, Michigan.
Our third stop was our very own Happy Boots. 
 We saw Skunk Cabbage.

 Marsh Marigold Buds
And a surprise, Golden Saxifrage!  We have found it here before but not this early in the year.

We saved our special Hepatica Hill for last, hoping that the sunny day would warm the Hepatica and tempt them to bloom.  They were blooming!  What a sight to see.




Anonymous said...

Wow! Hepatica Hill with the blue sky in the background - so pretty!

Allen Norcross said...

You're so lucky to have all those hepaticas! They're a beautiful flower.
I was surprised to already see leaves on your skunk cabbages. I'll have to check on ours.
Nice to see the old railroad trestles, and thanks for reminding me about the marsh marigolds. I've got to check on them too!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Anonymous, It was a pretty day and the Hepatica were blooming! At Connor Bayou the Hepatica are just starting to bud, the sunny south facing hillside in Allegan definitely helps them bloom.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Allen I think hepatica is my favorite wildflower! When we were growing up hepatica grew in the lawn and in the woods, we called them Mayflowers.
I was surprised to see the green leaves on the Skunk Cabbage so soon too. And the Marsh Marigold, only the one was open a bit. They are beautiful flowers too.
Tomorrow the temps are going to be in the 60's, with a bit of rain I think the plants will really start to pop!

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing how you capture our day outdoors! We had a great day.
That trestle bridge in Hamilton is huge and the dam is old, built in 1900. New Richmond has two bridges at the confluence of the Rabbit River and the Kalamazoo River. I love it that I actually drove over the bridge in 1987. I had to say it!
Our Happy Boots never disappoints. Skunk Cabbage and Marsh Marigold blooming. Such a teeny, tiny flower on the Golden Saxifrage, smaller than a pea! Another common name for it is Water Carpet, so fitting because it carpets the wet areas.
Hepatica Hill lived up to its name. We do have a long history with hepaticas and they are among the first wildflowers after a long winter.
Thanks for the post! M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :) You need to write the blog, I can provide you with the photos and you can put all of your interesting information on the post! Please. That would be great! You know I don't usually have much to say.
Your comment said more about our day than my post did! We could make it a project!
Sometimes I did use your account of the day to make the post, remember you would email me the account soon after the day we were out. Plus you have a way with words that I struggle with. See I just ended that sentence with with, you know that is wrong!
So that's settled! Wonderful!