Thursday, September 30, 2010

Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve and Muskegon State Park

2010 September 20.  We met at Muskegon Lake N. P. due to construction on U.S. 31. This is a nice little preserve with lots of boardwalks along Muskegon Lake just near the causeway. 

From the Boardwalk at Muskegon Lake N. P.                    

                              Blue Vervain
                  Bur Marigold

Next we went to a special place at Muskegon State Park, Lost Lake.
                        Cross-leaved Milkwort

                          Sand Jointweed
(noticed the green dots on two of the five petals, how curious! And this flower is tiny 1/8 inch) 

Yes another great day!


Anonymous said...

All the plant photos are great but my favorite is the Sand Jointweed. Why does it have little green spots on two of its five teeny, tiny petals? Your scenic views will always bring back the day, even in the wintertime. M

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I enjoy going on your walks, virtually. Fascinating! I love all your plant and scenery pictures. MJ

stratovolcano said...

great pictures. they look professional.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks MJ! Glad you visited my blog, maybe you should start an Orchid blog!

Secret said...

Love the Bur Marigold, what beautiful colors and contrast!