Friday, September 17, 2010

Bonus Adventure to Muskegon, Casnovia, Tom Bolt Highway

September 2, 2010 We took a little adventure to find a memorial boulder for Bolt Highway (M-46).  We found one in the town of Casnovia, Tom Bolt Highway.  History, cool - interesting, so are wildflowers, trees, rocks, insects, ...! 
                                                    In Casnovia

 We also visited a few parks along the way.  Quarter Oak Park, North Sheridan Road boat launch site, Casnovia Township Park, Moore Park, and Patterson Park.  We do get around and we do have fun.

New England Aster

We had our boots so we got to walk in the Little Rio Grande Creek at     
                                                                    Patterson Park.


Anonymous said...

Memorial boulder - I like plaques on rocks! And wildflowers like that beautiful purple aster. Little Rio Grande Creek right in Muskegon County? Thanks for the photos. M

Plants Amaze Me said...

That's exactly right M, Little Rio Grande Creek at Patterson Park in Muskegon County Michigan (just southwest of Ravenna). Yes you sure do like plaques on rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the New England Aster Photo! WOW!