Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nice Day at Connor Bayou and Little Robinson

2010 12 13 Connor Bayou County Park was our destination for this day (142 acre property including nearly a mile of Grand River frontage and a diversity of natural communities, the property is open for hiking; however, there are no designated trails).

When we started on our walk the temperature was 17 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brr!  We tried to get to Connor Bayou but it is marshland all around it, with cattails and tall grasses. 

We walked to the east, the park goes east here quite a ways but no trails and you are between houses  and the marsh.  So we turned back to the west and walked the 7/10's of a mile to the other end of the property.  We saw a Pileated Woodpecker along the way.

The thin white bit of snow is Connor Bayou.
Next we got in the van and drove west on North Cedar Drive  around the corner to 132nd Avenue  (about 1/2 mile) to property owned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.                                                                                                                   
Years ago you could drive back through this property to a boat launch on "Little Robinson". We parked at the road and walked through the woods to the old     boat launch, about a half mile.  The sky was a vivid blue with some puffy white clouds. We walked another quarter mile to the area of an old ditch.  

What a beautiful day.  We wandered back through the woods, sitting in the snow for a rest. 

Winterberry also known as Michigan Holly
All that walking worked up a little appetite so we drove into Grand Haven for French fries and a shake at Ray's Drive In.



Anonymous said...

Connor Bayou was interesting, tons of American Bladdernut with seedpods that rattle! Later, being on the other side of Little Robinson was strange. The old ditch is the remnant of a 35-foot wide channel dug in 1883 during a huge log jam on the Grand River. Google it, then read more about it. To think we used to go fishing there! Look at that blue sky, wow. M

Plants Amaze Me said...

I guess I didn't remember all that about the ditch. Probably because I'm so much younger! :)
I'll go Google log jam 1883.

Mary Jo recalled fishing in the ditch, the fish would come in when the water was high and were trapped there.

"Little Robinson" is what Sugar said fisherman call that body of water. On Bing Maps it just says Stearns Bayou.

I should add the Winterberry we identified maybe I'll do that.


Anonymous said...

The Winterberry is a nice addition! Wintertime is not all grays and browns, which has beauty in itself. You just have to go see! M

Anonymous said...

Ooh what pretty blue sky and lovely red Michigan Holly!