Friday, December 10, 2010

A Stroll At Crockery Creek Natural Area

2010 12 08  The snow and cold weather came to Grand Haven on December 1st,  late for Michigan.  We had a long lasting autumn and that was good.  It always takes a little getting used to the snow and cold.  The snow brings quiet, a certain tranquillity, I think.

My sister Marie and I went on a good adventure to Crockery Creek Natural Area  (Ottawa County)  located on the north side of the Grand River at Wren Drive.  This visit we were able to walk in new (to us) areas accessible because the water level is low.

Even though we have been here before it is like a new place.  This comes from a combination of things like, visiting in different seasons, exploring the park boundaries to the limit, and our somewhat poor memories.  Exploring is always fun with Marie.  Since we see no blooming wildflowers now, she is teaching me about trees.

Crockery Creek Natural Area

Field At Crockery Creek Natural Area

Crockery Creek
There was ice on Crockery Creek.   Temperature  was 23 degrees Fahrenheit.
 We also stopped by the Grand Haven Pier.
The lighthouse is on the south pier, you can see just a bit of the north pier in this picture.  We did some research at my house and called it a day.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good day. No, we don't have poor memories. We just know so much. M :)

Anonymous said...

I like how you say it seems like a new place even though you were there before, I laughed out loud about the somewhat poor memory part! Cool photo of the pier- hope you were careful it looks quite icy. Can't wait for the next post!

stratovolcano said...

funny, yes, that is an advantage of a poor memory. everything seems new all the time.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Who is stratovolcano again, you look familiar?