Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventure Day Without An Adventure?

Marie started out on the 33 mile trip from her house to my house, it had snowed and was still snowing.  She came upon accidents along U.S. 31, which snarled the traffic so she decided to head back north to her home.

She stopped off at a nearby grocery store before heading home and after shopping found the roads had cleared so she completed her trip to my house. 

We visited our "sweet" sister, Sugar, in Spring Lake.  That's always nice.  Then Marie was starving apparently so we headed to Grand Haven for fries and a shake.  Nope nothing yet that you can call an adventure.

Get the best French Fries in Grand Haven here.

Driving south into Grand Haven.
We headed for my house and worked on our "Parks and Places" list.  Just some random list I start in 2006 when we started going on, mostly weekly, wildflower outings.  More on this list next time.  (Oh, suspense!)

We did walk here around the woods loop, we saw trees, snow, and more snow, that's winter. 

In about two months, maybe a bit more we will see this!


Anonymous said...

Haha, sweet sister - sugar! :)

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