Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a Glimpse from Last Summer

There was no adventure this week, so here is a glimpse of last summer, this is only a peek.

Insect,  I haven't identified him yet, if you know what this is let me know.  Maybe of the Pelidnota family?  No maybe not.
Red Clover

This morning it was 8 degrees above zero.  No wildflowers blooming out there today.


Anonymous said...

Who needs summer when they have your photos!!!
Herb Robert? The bug is so cute. Cinquefoil? I have to learn these names again. A rose, lovely.
Ah, the Long-fruited Anemone. That was on the Newaygo Prairie, right? With two bugs on it!
Let's see, some kind of clover? Then back to winter and its deep snow sleep for the wildflowers. Thanks for the memories! M

B said...

Your photos brightened my day! I'm amazed that flowers like that can bloom around here. Seems like it's going to be snowy forever!!