Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Bend Adventure Day 4

It must be Sunday morning, 2011 02 13, it's easy to get confused.  I mean who is paying attention to what day it is with so many places to visit,  I'm a bit dizzy.  We wake up for the second time in the ghost town of Terlingua, I won't say if we saw ghost.
               Second morning in Terlingua

       Here's another look at the Candlelilla House.

We walked to breakfast,  just a stroll down the road to Espresso ...y poco mas (Espresso ...and a little more).  Yum they had great coffee and breakfast burritos, we sat out in the open air of Terlingua and enjoyed the morning.

We did stop by the local cemetery. It's right there along the road near where we stayed for the two nights. It is a good sized cemetery, some graves very old and some quite new.

                     Terlingua Cemetery

I didn't have my camera along but we toured the town, lots of ruins and partial ruins, where people are living now.  We packed up after breakfast and left Terlingua behind.

We drove southwest on highway 170 for about 13 miles until we came to the Rio Grande River, and to Big Bend Ranch State Park.

See the Rio Grande, on the left side is Mexico.

Along this river road we saw lots of rocks and mountains, various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Here we are along the Hoodoo Trail at the Rio Grande River.
 Hoodoo trail

We traveled along the river road as far west as Presidio Texas then headed north about 80 miles to Fort Davis.
This is just north of Marfa Texas.

Tonight we sleep at the Indian Lodge (the lodge was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and features the original interiors and furnishings) in
Fort Davis State Park.

While in the parking lot of the lodge along came two javelinas snorting their way through!

This is high above the Indian Lodge and the javelinas at Fort Davis State Park.  This was the end of day four of our Big Bend Adventure.


stratovolcano said...

I liked this installment! They keep getting better! When will you release the final installment???

Anonymous said...

Very neat pics.

Makes me want to go on another long road trip.

Maybe this summer.

Tom in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Your first photo took my breath away. I was on the phone to Tom and he had to see. He's faster at leaving comments, I see. I agree with you about each place being neater than the last. I'm glad we don't run into javelinas on our walks. See ya! M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

To stratovolcano, it is getting harder to remember the trip, days start to run together but I am working on day 5 and 6. We had a great time you know! You should be a tour guide.

To Tom in Florida, you should come for a trip to Michigan again, remember how much fun we had last year! Are you doing any photography lately?

To M, I think there are wild pigs up north, soon we will have wildflowers again!

Anonymous said...

Very cool photos! So prettty! Did you see a ghost!!??

stratovolcano said...


the cool way to reference individuals in comments is like this:

@Tom: come visit
@M: we will go hunt wild pigs soon
@Andy: more installments on their way