Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big (Bend) Adventure

February 10 2011 
This was the day the Big Adventure started, at 4 a.m..  Off we go to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan, catching a flight across Lake Michigan to the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee Wisconsin. 

     Over Lake Michigan
So far so good, hmm wonder where this Big Adventure is going to take place? (There is a clue in the title in case you missed it)

 Arriving in Milwaukee we headed off on another flight to Dallas Texas, to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
Same airline, Frontier Airlines, things are going smooth.

Our final destination by air (American Airlines) was to the Midland International Airport located between Midland and Odessa Texas, here we met up with the reason we flew to Texas, our son Andrew
(check out his blog at 
                            Downtown Midland

               Midland Texas

This was just day one, next time day two.

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Anonymous said...

I like the airplane pictures. Nodding donkeys? I didn't see any animals. Ha ha. Did you go to Midland Map Company? I love maps. Day Two, oh boy. M :)