Saturday, May 14, 2011

Road Trip to Dowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary

2011 05 09  Dowagiac Woods, Cass County Michigan.
It takes ~1 hour 40 minutes from my house to drive to Dowagiac Woods, this is a Michigan Nature Association Sanctuary. 

This is a sort of magical place, maybe because it's too far from home to visit often making it more special?  Any way it was another beautiful day to be in the woods.

This sign was near the entrance a few years ago, now it's gone.
Here are more pictures from Dowagiac Woods.
Long-spurred Violet

Buttercup, I didn't ID what kind, buttercups have shining petals.

Blue-eyed Mary

Wild Ginger

Bridge at Dowagiac Woods

Close-up of the Miterwort

Ohio Buckeye (Tree Flower)

          A very good day. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my, what photos! You enhance my memories of our day in Dowagiac Woods. Truly a magical place. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I like that you put that old wooden sign on your blog. I still see that sign every time I think of Dowagiac Woods - that and the sea of wildflowers. M :)