Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gale's Pond Nature Trail and Genevieve Casey Nature Sanctuary

2011 May 31  Gale's Pond  Oceana County...again. 

Gale's Pond
Trumpet Honeysuckle

       Liverwort!  (Marchantia polymorpha)  This is very small you have to put your eyes to the ground to see it but it was everywhere.

We saw many plants and yes they all amazed me.  This is a Purple Avens.  We also saw Blue-bead Lily, (Clintonia borealis),  Black Snakeroot (Sanicula odorata), and many different flowering shrubs.

 Bridge on the north side of the dam, don't miss this part of the loop trail.

                       We had lunch under this wonderful tree. 

Next we drove west of Shelby, west of US 31 to Genevieve Casey Nature Sanctuary, part of the Michigan Nature Association.  First time I was here.  It is a nice place to visit, although the trail was hard to keep track of and several times we almost turned back.  There is a loop trail that takes you around a large marsh.

We were greeted at the entrance by many Wild Columbine blooming.

Also Blue-Eyed Grass

Cool bridge over Hmm...maybe Cargill Creek I'm not sure.

                         Along the sometimes very wet trail.

                            The last of the Marsh Marigold

                     Pine in the dry area of the sanctuary.

      Several  Pink Lady's Slipper were looking nice in the pines.

Well I'm having trouble with this Blogger not working so I'll end the day there.  Another great day!


Anonymous said...

So cool! Your photos bring it all back to me. Thanks again and see you soon. M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thank You!