Thursday, June 30, 2011

Olive Shores Ottawa County Park

2011 06 08 Olive Shores is a new 20 acre county park with 738 feet of Lake Michigan frontage located in Port Sheldon Township. Land acquisition for the park was completed in 2009. One of the parcels is the filming site for scenes from the movie Road to Perdition starring Tom Hanks.

This is another new park in Ottawa County.  Right now all that has been done to it is a sign, trail, and posts with a rope attached to help pull yourself up the steep Mt. Olive.  Soon I'm sure it will become a popular place to access the Lake Michigan beach.  It is peaceful now. 

Park "improvements" will include a 50 car parking lot, barrier free trails through the backdune forest, and a main trail with a stairway leading park visitors over a large dune known as Mt. Olive and to the beach on Lake Michigan. The design of all park facilities will emphasize preservation of the site’s unique natural features.  Other park improvements will include modern restrooms, interpretive signs, barrier free picnic sites, viewing areas on the dune top, and a boardwalk along the dune ridge providing scenic views of Lake Michigan. A separate pedestrian and bike access trail will provide access from Olive Shores Drive. 

                                Pull yourself up Mt. Olive

Lake Michigan from Olive Shores County Park


stratovolcano said...

cool, 20 acres, about the size and shape of my Big Bend property. I didn't know that was Mt Olive, a big dune. I want a jet ski!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Stratovolcano, Yes I came across the Mt Olive in some info from Ottawa County, it is a very large dune. I will send you a jet ski for your birthday.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, this is the biggest waste of taxpayers money to date. The access to the beach is an olympic event. The climb up the stairs is incredibly prolonged and steep. Kirk Park or Tunnel Park are much better selections for anyone carrying stuff to the beach. Wonder how much it will cost to maintain and operate this pork barrel project?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
Not every park has to be for beach lovers. I suppose you think Rosy Mound is a waste of money,too. Tell that to the thousands that visit that park to enjoy the natural areas there. Joggers and hikers love that area. Get a clue. It's called nature.