Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pickerel Lake and Townsend Parks

October 17, 2011   
Pickerel Lake Park  (6001 Ramsdell Road NE Cannonsburg, MI 49317)
was our first stop of the day, 46 degrees- sunshine, blue sky.   

Michigan has been  having wonderful autumn weather. 
Pickerel Lake Park is a favorite in this area (just NE of Grand Rapids  Michigan) because of the interesting trails.  Larch Swamp trail, Sandy Knoll trail, woodland trails, and the main trail which circles the lake for an easy
1.9 mile walk.  You can cross country ski here, or fish from the docks.

There has been a big tree on the top west end of Pickerel Lake that a beaver chewed almost all the way through.  Well we found that tree was finally down.
First here are two pictures from 2010 of the tree.

The tree today (below).

Near the beaver tree, one of the many boardwalks at Pickerel Lake Park.

Next park for the day is Warren Townsend Park  (8280 6 Mile Road Cannonsburg, MI ), just a mile south from Pickerel Park on Ramsdell to 6 Mile Road. 

This park has a stone shelter, scenic footbridges, baseball diamonds, cross country skiing, fishing, hiking/walking, nature trails, a playground, and

Footbridge over Bear Creek at Townsend Park
We walked north on the Red Pine Trail, about a mile round trip, then checked out the enclosed shelter and Bear Creek.

                           Remanants of Bittersweet Nightshade

Still some wildflowers, this is a weed called Cheeses (always plural).
Another beautiful day!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks! M :)

Hardy said...

Thanks so much for posting these. I was raised on Pickerel drive and grew up in these woods, and haven't been back to Michigan in almost 20 years. This posting did my soul good, seeing how well it's all being taken care of.

Thanks again.