Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sisters complete (a variation of) a triathlon!

2011 October 18  My sweet sister, Sugar, and I completed our first "triathlon"!  We began at Rosy Mound Natural Area (13925 Lakeshore Drive Grand Haven, MI 49417) dragging our bikes out of our cars all by ourselves, already some exertion! 

We rode south on the bike path along Lakeshore Avenue all the way to Palomita Reserve (10630 Lakeshore Dr, West Olive, Michigan 49460) owned by The Land Conservancy of West Michigan,  about a 10 mile (round trip) bike ride.
Returning to Rosy Mound Natural Area we stowed our bicycles into the cars, then off we went on the second part of the triathlon, taking over 1000 (stair)  steps to Lake Michigan and back.  

 While at Lake Michigan we completed the third portion of this trek by swimming (our finger tips) in the lake!

Fun time!
 We saw lots of Hepatica leaves along the trail.
Rosy Mound is a classic Great Lakes dune system including high wooded dunes, foredunes, beach and a dune blowout. A 0.7 mile (one way) hiking trail from the parking area to the Lake Michigan shoreline includes 1,000 feet of stairs up and down the dunes and scenic views of woods, the dune blowout and Lake Michigan. A unique shade canopy, dune boardwalk trail and pit toilets are located near the beach. Improvements to this 164 acre park were completed in April 2004.  No pets.

We are "triathlon-ers".  Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Glad you have another sister for those arduous treks! Triatholons indeed. But it sure looked like lots of fun, especially the stairs.
M :)

Anonymous said...

"dragging our bikes out of our cars all by ourselves, already some exertion!" Ahahaha!! Very Impressive!

kayak1 said...

Great pictures and the narrative really makes for; For can't wait for the next adventure...

Plants Amaze Me said...

Hey kayak1, Glad you enjoyed the blog! I'm guessing that you are a certain kayaker buddy of my better half?
Marie, arduous trek yes, stairs fun...right.
I hope this sends OK it is coming from the touchpad.

kayak1 said...

Hi PAM, (Plants Amaze Me)
Yes Kayaking is the only way to go???
Do you FaceBook???

Plants Amaze Me said...

kayak1, I haven't started Facebook, questions? you can always email me at :)