Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aman Park

Way back on January 30, we visited Aman Park.  Not very pretty pictures, just wait another 6 weeks.  It was 24 degrees and cloudy. 
      Notice north is not at the top of this map
The first photo is the map at the park.  We took the red trail north then west across the northern bridge. 

  Bridge at Aman Park
Sand Creek
   Sand Creek at Aman Park

After admiring the smooth waters of Sand Creek we turned and walked all the way on the blue trail that loops to the north end of the park.  We found someone's tracks, they must have walked down from a house on Millpond Drive maybe?  We went as far north as the Aman Park property goes.

We walked back on the blue trail then onto red.  Around to the southern bridge and back up to the car. We hadn't been to Sweet's Monument or Aman's Grave for a few years so we swung around there.

 Looking down to Sand Creek

It was a short day.  Aman is full of wildflowers in the spring, it won't be long now.


Anonymous said...

Who built that bridge? It's been there a while. I've seen it on older topographical maps.
Sand Creek is amazing.
Your photos make the snow look pretty!
Thanks again. M :)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite places to wander around in, and like you, I am waiting for the wildflowers!

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :) Who did build this bridge, Aman? Thanks again for taking me on fun adventures. I guess I didn't take any pictures when we played in Sand Creek at the north end, remember breaking the ice and rerouting the water. Fun

Plants Amaze Me said...

Quietsolopursuits, There are many places to wander in Aman if you get off the trails, but even on this cold, cloudy day we saw people on the trails. Once when the trillium were blooming we saw a whole herd of photographers, with their tripods and photo umbrellas, like roachs when the weather gets warm! Thanks for commenting. :)