Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First "flowering" wildflower of 2012!

February 27 2012 This post is going to be out of sequence but it was a special day!  Let's at least go through the day in order.

We went south to Laketown Township Beach Park, this is about half way between Holland and Saugatuck, Michigan.  We were going to check out Halfway Creek (at least that is the name in given in the Michigan County Atlas by David M. Brown) which is about a quarter mile south of the park along the beach.

     Stairs at Laketown Twp Beach Park
Lake Michigan

 Halfway Creek meets Lake Michigan
            Halfway Creek
There were no rocks, well OK, we found three rocks, that's it.  The creek was cool and we crossed it easily, having our boots on and timing the waves.  There are houses here.  The wind was blowing.  There was quite a roar from Lake Michigan.

           Stairs at Laketown Twp. Beach Park

It was early when we got back to the car, we decided to go to Allegan Forest, a favorite place of ours.  First we wandered over to 133rd Ave. went under the train bridge, looking for very early signs of wildflowers, maybe Marsh Marigold.  Not much here, some green coming up.

    133rd Ave in Allegan County

On we go, and this is the best part.  We went to Happy Boots corner!  Marie stayed in the car to snack.  I jumped out with my camera, grinning ear to ear.  This place is just wet woods with a ditch along the road, so what's the big deal.  Well, the big deal is the Eastern Skunk Cabbage were up and I think I can say they were blooming.

Ok so you can barely see inside, not the best shot but this is when I looked up and saw a Michigan State Police car pulled up next to Marie's car.  OH OH!  She told him I was looking for wildflowers, I'm glad she didn't tell him this was Happy Boots corner or I might not be here to tell this tale.  Ha ha.
                 Not yet flowering
              Maybe flowering

                 Yeah just a little bit flowering?
             Something is growing here at Happy Boots Corner.
    New growth, this will be a wildflower soon.
    Back road in Allegan County. 
We checked on the dried stalks of the American Columbo in the Allegan Forest.  We followed 58th Street north, through the tunnel

and on up into the city of Holland, stopping by at Herrick District Library. 

That was our day, out of chronological sequence but fun all the same.


Anonymous said...

It was a good day! Our first wildflower blooming in 2012! The beach was fun, love those creeks! There's something about moving water. Our special roadside and Allegan Forest. Thank you for the photos! M :)

flowerdave said...

i had my eyes open today but didnt see any wildflowers. im so happy you found some.

kayak1 said...


Plants Amaze Me said...

M:) It was a windy day, with sand blowing in our faces! Some one wanted to go back to the car remember? Ha Ha! I like checking out these creeks, nicer if they have rocks. I like this site you sent me to, http://natureinstitute.org/pub/ic/ic4/skunkcabbage.htm
Thanks for taking me to Happy Boots corner, I want to go there now. :)

flowerdave, Skunk Cabbage that was nice to see but it's not the most beautiful spring flower and I didn't get the best pictures. Thanks for the comment and stopping by. :)

Kayak1, thanks. Is it time to kayak in Michigan yet? :)