Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Puppy Love Or Temporary Insanity?

Last February we lost our 15 year old "puppy dog" to a stroke.  It was a hard thing to go through, and really got to me even though she was just a dog.  A while after she was gone, I got rid of all doggy stuff in the house.  Took back the sun room as a place to sit with no smelly dog bed or dog dishes.  There was so much less dog hair in the house, we could go away and not have to worry about the dog.  I enjoyed not having that responsibility.  Life was plenty full with kids, grandkids, husband, and siblings.

Then someone  (daughter of mine) started sending me pictures of available puppies.  She worked on me for weeks but I was firm - I really did not want a dog!  I'm actually quite lazy, so it was just easier without a dog. 

I started to weaken, only because she was so persistent!  Then one day I was a bit weak and we made plans to go to Montcalm County to meet this cute puppy named Hannah. But Hannah was adopted  by a family with 5 young girls.  Aw, good the puppy will live happily ever after and I don't have to have a dog! 

I stated clearly to this daughter of mine that I just did not want the responsibility of a dog, or the expense, or the heart break in 10 or 15 years when the dang dog dies.  She openly admitted she did not want full responsibility of a dog either, but she still wanted me to get one. 

And then out of the blue my reasoning and common sense left me.  Black Lab/ Terrier mix puppies were available right here in Grand Haven.  Just 8 weeks old and adorable.  Well I thought, and this is where common sense was lost,  LIFE IS SHORT (or can be).
My daughter is the sweetest daughter in the world, and she wanted a puppy.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

So in the end we went down to check out the puppies available at Puppy Breath Rescue, we walked into this house and 3 or 4 puppies came tumbling at us.  Jumping, nipping, licking, bundles of fluff.  We picked out "Kia", she is mostly black with one white paw.  I paid the fee of $100 to Brenda, then it struck me.  I had met Brenda before, she was the same nice girl in the room at the vet when we had Tilly put to sleep!

So now we have a  puppy, we renamed her Clara.  And yes the first ~ six weeks I regretted adopting her!  She is full of energy, with snapping jaws!  She bites my pant legs when I walk! She does not usually listen, but she can hear just fine. Maybe she isn't the cutest puppy ever, but now after three months, I'm coming round to her.

She is this little bundle of energy from morning until night.  She is very cute and can be sweet.  Now she is so excited when we come home to her, with her tail wagging full speed.  She is our dog now.  This is her home.

 Clara First Day Home August 17 2012  About 8 1/2 weeks old.

    Clara in the garden with our granddaughter, Vivienne.


Dave said...

Awe!!!! what a wonderful story, you are a good writer also and brought up some thoughts of mine cause my puppy is getting up in age also. enjoy!!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, Dave. This puppy keeps me moving even when I don't want to move! Puppies take energy, money, and patience. I hope your pup stays around a long time.

New Hampshire Gardener said...

Beautiful dog! She reminds me of our dog Koko who died of old age at 11 a few years ago. Clara looks just like her.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Clara is cute, but I wonder what kind of dog she really is, now at 51/2 months her ears are up most of the time. She is tall and lean, she only weighs ~20 lbs.
We joke that she is Black Lab/ Chihuahua mix! I just hope I survive her puppyhood, she is very energetic.

New Hampshire gardener said...

Hmm..ears up doesn't sound like a black lab. Our Koko was a black lab / chow mix and she had purple blotches on her tongue.

Plants Amaze Me said...

New Hampshire gardener,
yes ears up high, maybe the ears come from the terrier part of her.
Terriers come in lots of shapes and sizes, maybe Jack Russell Terrier? I'm sure no one knows with this pup, and I never asked any questions from the Rescue.
I just posted a new picture of her today.

So your Koko had purple blotches on her tongue, does that come from the Chow part?
Thanks for stopping by, :-)