Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trail Camera

Here are some pictures from my Truth Cam.

First the Great Horned Owl who lives in our woods. 

 Fox and opossum, look at the size of the opossum!

A skunk and raccoon sharing a snack.
Raccoon line up.
Notice the white thing flying in each of these pictures, does any one know what that is?
Maybe could it be a Luna Moth?

And of course deer.

That's all for now.


New hampshire Gardener said...

The owl pictures are amazing! Why did so many animals come to that spot? is it a game trail? i'd like to get one of those cameras!

Plants Amaze Me said...

New Hampshire Gardener, I was thrilled to see the Great Horned Owl in the pictures. And it must have heard the camera, because it turned and looked right at it.

I did hang a piece of meat to entice the owl.

I'm happy with this Truth Cam 35, it takes video too, and uses D size batteries that last about 9 months. It cost about $85.
Thanks. :-)

Dave said...

really cool!! im wondering if that could be a bat , dont know what their winter habits are , the Owl is beautiful and i think the only way im going to see a foxis on your cam thanks for posting

Plants Amaze Me said...

flower dave, I hadn't thought of a bat, we do see bats here. Fox have been around often. Years ago we had many fox then coyotes moved in, now it seems like the fox are back. There are acres of old meadow here along the Grand River, so we get lots of animals.