Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mount Pisgah Ottawa County

December 17 2012
Mount Pisgah is an Ottawa County park in Park Township, Holland, Michigan. This is very near the Holland State Park.  Here is a link for more information.

This is a busy place in the summer but on a cold December day it wasn't crowded.  We parked at Black Lake Boardwalk East, here you will find picnic tables, kayak access to Lake Macatawa, and fishing docks, this is also part of Historic Ottawa Beach Parks, as is Mt. Pisgah. 

You have a short walk back along Ottawa Beach Road to a gazebo with informational signs about Mt. Pisgah which is large sand dune.

From the top of Mount Pisgah on a cold, gray day in December looking at Lake Michigan.

It is 239 steps to the highest landing, with many landings and benches along the way up. It was worth the climb. After we got our fill of the view, we followed a level boardwalk that curved around behind the big dune. This boardwalk was built on the very steep backside of the dune.

This is looking east over Lake Macatawa.

 The boardwalk soon ends but a dirt trail leads you on. There are map signs along the way.  I was surprised that these trails were here.  I thought we would hoof it up the stairs and back down, so this was a pleasant surprise.

 In this shot you can barely see the boardwalk way up on the backside of Mount Pisgah.

After touring the Mt. Pisgah area we headed back to the car.  We went west towards the Holland State Park but first came to Black Lake Boardwalk West.  We found wildflowers blooming, and it was only 33 degrees!  Blooming were Evening Primrose, Hoary Alyssum, Queen Anne's Lace, Spotted Knapweed, a yellow mustard, and Bouncing Bet!     (Plants amaze me!)

After this adventure we went north and decided to stop in at Riley Trails, another Ottawa County park.  But there was work being done here, tree harvesting. 

So not much to say about Riley Trails, most of the trails were closed.  We took a short walk and moved on. 

By visiting Mount Pisgah, my sister Marie and I met a sort of milestone.  We have been to all of the Ottawa County Parks and Open Space Lands listed on their brochure, except for Ripps Bayou and Kuits Bayou which you can only reach by boat.  So that is 36 of the listed parks and places, some of these we have visited multiple times and covered extensively!  More on this next time.


New Hampshire Gardener said...

That's interesting. We also have a mount Pisgah and it's in Pisgah State Park, which is the largest state park in NH. This is the only place left in the state where you can find original, old growth forest.
It's amazing that you found Queen Anne's lace blooming!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, Allen. I see many states have a Mount Pisgah! NH sounds special with the original, old growth forest.

I found that Pisgah in Hebrew refers to a "high place" like the top of a mountain, also Pisgah is a name of a mountain, usually referring to Mount Nebo. The region is directly east of the Jordan River and just northeast of the Dead Sea.

The Queen Anne's Lace was just hanging on, but it was definitely still blooming.
Thanks for taking time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, that view! It was way worth the climb.
Poor Riley Trails. I hope nature hurries and heals over.
Thanks for posting, sister! M :)

Anonymous said...

I have one of those brochures of Ottawa County Parks, if I can find it. From the posts you've done, I think that I should find it and start checking the parks out.

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :), Now what county are we going to go through all the parks? Oh boy.
Riley Trails will heal, and they get rid of the bad trees and make money from them. Bad trees!
There are no bad trees right.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Remember Jerry it is all online, that's why I never know how much to put in a post about the parks. It's all just a click away.
So do I note each time which park you can bring a dog, or float a kayak?
I guess I don't have a grand plan with this little old blog, just whatever strikes me at the moment.
Do I make a photo list of wildflowers? How about a photo list of parks?
Maybe I should just get a job, ha ha!
Thanks for taking time out of your photo list of birds to comment!
Now off to Winterfest, and cardboard sled races!

Dave said...

You sure get out and about!!! looks like an arduous hike , but that will keep ya warm in the winter, thanks for sharing.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Flower Dave, we do get around, going out once a week, all year round. It's funny but we always have a good time!
I prefer the cool weather, except for the lack of wildflowers, of course.
Thanks for commenting.

stratovolcano said...

congrats on the milestone. it's neat how this blog has started out small but grown to something you never imagined. Reminds me of Ryan's business, not too worried about what it will be, just doing it and going along, moving forward... thanks for the blogs. I always enjoy them.