Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to Barry County, Michigan

The first week of August 2013, Marie and I visited places in Barry County again.  Right off we saw Nodding Ladies' Tresses blooming!
  Nodding Ladies' Tresses   (Spiranthes cernua)   Orchid family
This native perennial plant is usually 4-12" tall and unbranched.   Each flower is about 1/3" long, consisting of 3 white sepals and 3 white petals. The upper sepal and upper two petals are fused together and form a curved hood that curls upward at its tip, forming a small upper lip with 3 lobes. The lower petal has a prominent lip that hangs downward and has a crystalline appearance.    

                      Death Camas was still blooming.
                    Death Camas with dew drops.

Grass of Parnassus (Parnassia glauca) Saxifrage family -  Showy white flowers with green veins, on long stalks.  This plant has a rosette of broad, long stalked, basal leaves, rounded or heart shaped and one stalkless leaf clasping the flowering stalk.  Grows in swamps and wet meadows.

Shrubby Cinquefoil (Pentaphylloides floribunda) Rose family 
I have seen this blooming since the beginning of July.

                     Heal All

                   Queen Anne's Lace

                     Spotted Knapweed

         Dense Blazingstar (Liatris spicata) Composite family


Agrimony,  I didn't identify which kind...
Swamp Milkweed
 Pitcher plant
 Pitcher Plant
 Pitcher Plant leaves form pitchers to capture insects.

 A bladderwort
 Mad-Dog Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) Mint family 
A  native perennial plant is 1–2½' tall, branching occasionally.
At one time, there was a belief that Mad-Dog Skullcap could cure rabies, which is false. However, the foliage contains a substance with anti-spasmodic and sedative properties, so it does have some medicinal value.
 Sticky False Asphodel (Tofieldia glutinosa) Lily family
 That's all for this adventure!


New Hampshire Gardener said...

It's always nice to find orchids, but I really like the death camas and grass of parnassus. I've never seen either one. I've never seen or heard of the sticky false asphodel. You got great photos of all of them!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, Allen. Orchids are special, the death camas has been blooming for weeks, same with the grass of Parnassus.
The sticky false asphodel was new to us this year, its stem is very sticky.
Things here are especially green still, and now I saw one fringed gentian blooming!