Thursday, March 1, 2018

Aman Park in Ottawa County Michigan February 27 2018

My last post was in the Fall, with pretty pictures and beautiful colors.  There wasn't much color at all at Aman Park two days ago. 

Weather-wise it was a fine day for a walk in the park with my sister.  In about two months time this place will be covered with blooming trillium and Virginia Bluebells, and so many more colorful plants.
 These trails and the hill below will be covered with Hepatica, Trillium, Spring Beauty, Violets, and more in just a few weeks time!
Last week we had two days of heavy rain, combined with snow melt.  Marie and I saw the effects of all that water scouring the low areas of the park.
 This sand was deposited here by the flood water, I wonder if the plants will be able to push through.
 At times it was difficult to find the trail.

I'm not sure what insect made these markings on this log, but I found them quite interesting.

 Blue sky and 55 degrees makes for a great hiking day.  We were out walking at Aman for 3 1/2 hours.  We walked the blue trail to the north, then the creekside trail to the southern bridge.  There were some icy places in the park.
 I'm pretty sure these are Wild Leak sprouting up, and below I'm sure they are Wild Leak bulbs because Marie tested one and she smelled delicious the rest of the afternoon! 

This is a Paw Paw branch with bud.  There are many Paw Paws here along Sand Creek.
 South Bridge

Sand Creek at Aman Park

We drove west in Ottawa County to Riverside Park to see the flooding from the Grand River.  Here is what we saw...


Heading farther west, we stopped in at Connor Bayou, another Ottawa County park.
 Connor Bayou

So that was our adventure this week.  We both enjoyed walking with sunshine and blue sky, and warm temps.  Thanks for stopping by the blog.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! After a hard winter, it was nice to walk in comfortable weather and still no bugs. That Wild Leek I tasted was good, sorry, I did reek of Leek! The high water scoured so many areas, it was hard to recognize some places. I wonder what new wildflowers are going to come up because of it? We do this every year - see the tiniest little sprouts and imagine the woods full of flowers. The Grand River is amazingly high this year. It's strange to see water covering the parks we know so well. Thanks for the post! M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, M :)
Reek of Leek! If anything it made me hungry for maybe some pasta?
It is nice to be walking on dirt again instead of snow and ice. And no bugs, except for the little spider and that bee, I forgot about that bee.
Now where to go next time!

Dave said...

Yay. Time for it all to wake up!! I have been trekking into the woods looking for signs of life.. won’t be long.

Mary E. Stephens said...

It was really great to get a look at early spring in Michigan again. I feel like I can almost smell it! :-) The patterns made by the insect in the log are very interesting. I wonder what it was.

I'm sad about all the flooding that has been going on there.

Plants Amaze Me said...

flowerdave, I agree, time for things to start waking up! But the last three days we got some snow, maybe two inches total, and it stuck. I love trekking into the woods.
:) Chris

Plants Amaze Me said...

Mary E. Stephens, Not many snow photos this year, I guess I got a bit lazy. Now we are getting out more, and it is great! Fresh air, no bugs, Skunk Cabbage is out, so far that's about all I have seen flowering. It won't be long now!
:) Chris