Tuesday, April 17, 2018

March 2018 in Michigan

This year March was cold and mostly dry, still we were able to get out for many walks.

March 2nd, it was Hofma Preserve in Grand Haven Township, with my daughter Betsy.

March 3rd, Marie and I went to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center for a hike led by Kristen Hintz, on Tree ID in Winter.  It was a great walk, Kristen is very interesting and knows so much about nature.  It was a much larger group than expected with a wide age group, but Kristen took it in stride!  She involved everyone from young to old in our exploration of trees.  Unfortunately, I managed to lose my pictures from that day. 

March 4th Mike and I went north to the Manistee River trail, starting at Red Bridge.  We walked north for one and a half hours then back the way we came.  The trail was icy, so it was slow going.  But a beautiful day to hike our favorite trail.

March 10th and 11th we were at Connor Bayou, an Ottawa County park along the Grand River in Robinson Township. 
         Connor Bayou

The difference of 11 days along the Grand River.

We also drove through Riverside Park a few miles east of Connor Bayou. 

Boat Launch at Riverside Park on February 27 2018  Red Circle marks the sign at the launch

Below is the same boat launch on March 10 2018

Debris in the trees from the high water

March 12, Mike and I went for a quick walk at Hofma Preserve.  It was a cold and windy day but we got out there.

March 14, Marie and I visited Hiawatha Forest, Ottawa County property. We have been here before, a long time ago.  And yes there was snow on the ground.

March 15, another quick loop through the woods at Connor Bayou.

March 17, another favorite place Crockery Creek more Ottawa County Property.

March 18 Connor Bayou again.

                              Still some snow!

March 20 2018 Hager Park and Grand River Park with Marie.
Spring begins and we saw Chickweed blooming at Hager!

Not very impressive but still, it is blooming.
More from Hager Park...
 United States terrain map

 Michigan on the terrain map

Then to Grand River Park

March 23 Crockery Creek with Mike


March 24 Riverside Park, with Mike

And March 25 Connor Bayou, again with Mike

March 26  Marie and I went to Van Zoeren Woods in Zeeland Township and Hudsonville Nature Center in the city of Hudsonville. 
 Wild Leek

And Hudsonville Nature Center...

We did see more Wild Leek coming up, and some buds on Marsh Marigolds.

March 30 One more walk at Connor Bayou in the evening with Mike.
 Grand River at Connor Bayou Ottawa County Park

So that was my March 2018, cool and mostly dry.  Spring is being a bit slow but we will see in April how things can really slow down! 

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Anonymous said...

Who says the season is colorless? Beautiful blue skies. Dark green conifers. Multiple shades of tans in the marshes. Magnificent yellow Willow branches. Startling white bark on Sycamores. Mauve and yellow Skunk Cabbage flowers. Dozens of green cotyledons! Don't you love how that word rolls off your tongue? Cot-el-LEE-dun. Wild Leek has those delicious spring-green leaves shooting out of deep red stems. Marsh Marigold buds trying to be their brilliant yellow-gold. Lots and lots of color, if you look for it, right? Keep up the fantastic photos! M :)