Monday, May 14, 2018

Family Walk at Rycenga Park- May 6 2018

Our first Family Walk this year was May 6 at Rycenga Park in Spring Lake Township.
It was a fun two hours of exploring.

   Trailing Arbutus,  Blooming!

      Goldthread,  Blooming!
                   Marsh Marigold
Thanks to Marie for getting us together, and thanks to all who were able to come!


Anonymous said...

That was fun! Trailing Arbutus smelled sweet. I like the close-up of Goldthread, it shows all the parts of the flower. Marsh Marigold brightens up the woods. Those baby Maple leaves makes it look like autumn. The vernal pond with the frogs was a big hit with us all. Thanks for posting! M :)

Unknown said...

I am enjoying these family walks. I am learning something new every time!