Tuesday, May 22, 2018

First Wild Orchid of 2018!

May 21 2018  A cold and rainy day is predicted.  Marie and I had planned to go out today for an adventure in a swamp.  Well, wait just a minute.  Rain, swamp, cold, or stay home warm, comfortable, maybe get something done around the house?

I tried to talk Marie out of going.  I  knew we would see cool plants and things in the swamp.  But it is early morning, wet and cold outside.  Marie said we should just go.  So we are going to the swamp!

What a great day it was!!  We found our first wild orchid of the year!  Right there in the swamp - the cold, wet, rainy, gray swamp! 

                 Small Yellow Lady's Slipper

I'm so glad we went!


Allen Norcross said...

That's beautiful! And interesting. I never knew lady's slippers would grow in such a wet area!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty orchid on a cold and rainy day!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Hi Allen, Another blogger, Stormhorn (Bob) told us where to find one of these orchids several years ago. We did find it in 2012, in a swamp.
Finding them this time was totally unexpected! We have wandered these swampy woods before, finding all sorts of spring wildflowers. Maybe we were just a bit later in the season than other years.
We found three separate clumps of the orchids, growing with Skunk Cabbage, Miterwort, Bellwort, Trillium, Swamp Saxifrage!