Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wildflower Adventures from Mid to Late June 2018

Here are some adventures from the second half of June 2018.

June 16 Crockery Creek - Mike and I made our weekly visit to Crockery Creek, an Ottawa County Park. 

June 18 Connor Bayou with Mike.  We usually make it out here to walk a couple times each week.
Birdsfoot Trefoil was blooming.

June 20 Marie took me to Barry County for our weekly adventure!

Showy Lady's Slipper

                                           Death Camas

                                            Indian Plantain

                                                   Grass Pink Orchid

                                           Loesel's Twayblade Orchid


                                                    Pitcher Plant


June 22 2018 Another walk around the loop at Connor Bayou Park, with Mike.

 I noticed Bladderwort in the bayou while we were on an overlook.

Poke Milkweed has returned to the park.  It use to grow along the drive into the park but the park was improved and the drive was widened.  For a few years I didn't find this special plant.

 Mike noticed  a growth on an Elderberry bush.  So I looked it up when we got home and found it was a rust fungus, maybe Puccinia bolleyana.

 June 22  2018 Was also a bike ride day with my sweet sister, Sugar, sorry no photos.
 June 24 Connor Bayou again with Mike and again I took no photos!

June 25 2018 Betsy and I went to Bass River Recreation Area, the weather was so nice.  Betsy even wore her swamping boots and hat, I think she really enjoyed it.  We saw lots of things, frogs, turtles, tadpoles, etc.  And we saw 55 different types of  BLOOMING plants!  We were out walking about two hours total.  Here is just a bit of what we saw...Four types of Milkweed!
 Common Milkweed
        Swamp Milkweed

                                        Butterfly Weed

                                             Whorled Milkweed

         Centaury, a beautiful plant that is in the Gentian family

 Betsy even found Columbine blooming!  I thought the end of June was very late for this plant to be blooming?

Ponds at B.R.R.A.

 Foxglove Penstemon (Penstemon digitalis) Snapdragon family

Two days after going to Bass River Recreation Area, June 27, Betsy went with me again to Muskegon County to search for orchids near the Pitcher Plants I found earlier in the month.  Another beautiful day, and again I counted 55 different types of blooming plants!
We also found Rose Pogonia, a small orchid that I have only seen in one other location!  I'm so glad Betsy was with, I felt a bit braver to go through the marshy, weedy areas.  
              Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides) Orchid Family
These plants were very small and growing beneath the leaves of ferns. 

 On this adventure we also found Marsh Cinquefoil (Comarum palustre) Rose Family

And Swamp Candles (Lysimachia terrestris)  Primrose family

June 28 Marie and I had a short adventure at Duck Lake State Park.  Here is what we saw...
 Duck Lake, Muskegon County, Michigan

 Something very purple growing on this tree? 

June was a busy month!  Thanks for visiting the blog.


Allen Norcross said...

How I wish I could have been along on those walks! The orchids are beautiful, all of them. You're so lucky to live near so many.
You saw plants I've never heard of too, like the Indian plantain and the marsh cinquefoil.
We do have columbines that bloom at the end of June if it isn't too hot so maybe yours will do the same in a cooler month.
My favorites are that rust fungus on the elderberry and the purple fungus. What a beautiful color!
I'm already looking forward to your next excursion!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks so much Allen. I have no idea what the purple fungus was, I have never seen such a deep purple fungus...or ? I didn't touch it but it looked a bit furry.

Marsh Cinquefoil I have seen in three locations, always in or near water. I saw Culver's Root too but my photos were poor. And to find Rose Pogonia among the Pitcher Plants was a real treat!

Such fun!
:) Chris

Dave said...

Thanks so much for documenting all these flowers! There is an incredible world out there!
Peace; Dave

Anonymous said...

You had an adventurous month!
Great photos. The orchids we see. Amazing!
Thanks for posting, I know it's a lot of work. M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yes Dave it is an incredible world! And fun.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Marie, It was a big month, but you are right it takes me a long time to post. I think I'm slow. When you use to give me your account, I would sometimes use that to put a post together. But that too takes time, writing up the account and sending it to me.
Well it is hot again so I will probably be inside more!