Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Snowy End of November at Hofma Preserve to Sunny Texas in Early December

Today is December 28th 2018.
This adventure in the snow is from a month ago,
November 27th 2018. 

Hofma Preserve
 Witch Hazel in the snow

From this beautiful but cold weather, I flew to Texas for a visit with our oldest son and his family.  It was sunny in Texas, and warm. 
 Michigan - on the way to the airport.
  Still Michigan, still snow.

 Up in the air, blue sky and sunshine!

 Flying into Dallas, no snow.

Busy Dallas airport, no snow.  All by myself.

 Flying into Midland passed bedtime!

I had a fun visit with the grandkids, son, and daughter-in-law.  With the nice weather, we were outside much of the time.  We went for walks, went to a Christmas play, played and worked in the yard.  One night we went out to eat at the Midland Beer Garden.  They have a huge tortoise that you can feed and pet.  And while we ate outside, we got to paint ceramic gnomes. Seriously.  Great place for the younger kids to be able to run around and dance to the music.
 That's our granddaughter Finley who just turned 4 years old and grandson Harrison 22 months.  Two major reasons to take myself out of my comfort zone at home and travel all the way to Texas!

Next time the (almost) snowless adventures from the month of December!


Allen Norcross said...

It looks like you had about the same kind and amount of snow that we did. We haven't seen much since Novermber, and that's okay. It sure was beautiful while it lasted though.
My son was in San Antonio for recruiter training for the Air Force and he said all it did was rain there, so you got the lucky sude of the state.
Very cute grandkids!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has forgotten we already had deep winter snows! It was fun walking in the silent woods, admiring how the snowflakes built up one by one on every branch. Your photo of Michigan Holly (Ilex verticillata), aka Winterberry, shows how the red berries stand out. The yellow flowers on the Witch Hazel were startling, too. I like the aerial photos from the plane. Finley and Harrison are so photogenic. Thanks for posting! M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, Allen You are right about the snow, on your post "First Snow" some of your photos looked like the woods we were in! But then of course you have the mountains in some of your photos, no mountains here.

Interesting that your son got the rain in San Antonio (good luck to him), I was in Midland the first few days of December, I guess I was lucky with the weather! I even saw a few weeds blooming!

Those two grandkids are cute (of course all 5 of my grandkids are equally cute), and it was fun visiting but they are both faster than me now. Whew!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Anonymous M :) Maybe it is a good thing that I'm a month behind on the blog, to remind us of last month! I'm glad the Michigan Holly reminded you of the other holly we saw, American Holly.
The best part about flying is looking out the window. Then to look at Google maps to find right where I was.
Yes the grandkids are a couple of cuties! The tortoise was very active and huge. Finley fed it part of her apple, and it quickly went and ate it. Later the tortoise went down this big hole that apparently went under the pavement of the parking lot!