Monday, September 9, 2019

Bass River Recreation Area

September 9, 2019
I took myself for a walk at Bass River Recreation Area to check on the beautiful Bottle Gentian and I found them blooming. 


And the white variety...

I also found the Nodding Ladies Tresses blooming along with some other pretty flowers.



New Hampshire Garden Solutions said...

That sure was a beautiful walk!
There's no blue like gentian blue. I've never seen a white one.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks, yes it was a nice walk. Mike was suppose to have the day off but had to work so I went to Bass, which is an old gravel pit. I have been to check on the gentian several times in the last few weeks. The gentian Plants were up but not blooming, some had small green buds. Then today I saw that blue, even though it was a cloudy day, the gentian blue about took my breath away! The white gentian are in a different section of this 1665 acre site, they don’t grow in the same place. I have seen the white variety on the Manistee River trail and here at Bass that’s it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Your photos of the gentians take my breath away! Beautiful, just beautiful. What a difference a week or two makes. I really like the Buttonbush, wow, what a subtle red. Ladies Tresses, Cardinal Flower, and Monkey Flower! The Garden Spider and Monarch caterpillar. Why do they call it Red Clover? It has such lovely shades of pink. The lowly Frogfruit really has a unique structure. So many plants! Who knew the old gravel pits would become a haven for wildflowers? Thanks for posting! M :)

Dave said...

time for me to go looking for the nodding lady tresses

Plants Amaze Me said...

Dave, yes it is! It is their time to shine!