Saturday, September 7, 2019

Ross Coastal Plain Marsh - September 4 2019

We took a four hour stroll through the woods of  Ross Coastal Plain Marsh.  We walked about 3.7 miles.  It was a wonderful, cool day, in the mid 60's. 

This is the place I first found Autumn Coralroot, several years ago.  It is a tiny orchid, occasionally you can catch a glimpse of its pretty pink spotted flower. 

 We also saw a few Nodding Ladies Tresses, another small orchid.

 This mushroom was about 6 inches across, more blue than purple.

   Mud Lake



New Hampshire Garden Solutions said...

The coralroot was a great find. I've never seen one.
I also haven't seen any lady's tresses yet this year.
Nice walk!

Plants Amaze Me said...

It is fun to find coralroot, maybe because it is an orchid. It is very small, and at first glance looks a bit like Beechdrops.
The day after Ross - I visited a place where I found Autumn Coralroot growing, last year. I saw over 200 plants of it! The most I have ever seen!
I have just started to find ladies tresses up and blooming.

Mary Stephens said...

Thank you again for you beautiful photographs. I've scheduled a post Wednesday (Sept. 2019) to share the link to this post. It was a little hard to choose which one from Sept. I wanted to share, but I like the scenery in this one. :-)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Mary Stephens, It sure is beautiful outside right now. The start of Fall!